Representing Analogue photography in the digital age, Film’s not Dead has grown from humble beginnings as a blog, to a mind set empowering photographers all over the world. As these three words have grown, we have stood behind them and built a foundation to support the movement. It is now bigger than us, by saying Film’s not Dead you’re not just making a statement, but championing a way of looking at the world. There’s a million and one reasons for the current revolution and whether you’re an older photographer who misses the good old days, or a beginner who recognise’s that all the world’s greatest photographs have been shot on film, we’ve created somewhere you can seek refuge from the daily digital grind. Be sure to stay in the loop through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see what analogue goodness we have in store for you or use our hashtag #filmsnotdead to share your own analogue goodness with us!

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