Film’s not Dead is proud to present a new competition, in partnership with Kodak.

The photographic competition is back with some extras goodies up for grabs! We will be holding a competition every 3 months for a lucky someone to become a featured photographer on our site!

This will include an interview page dedicated to you and your work. This is a great opportunity for anybody to get their work out there and to gain exposure. The winner will also be able to get their hands on 20 rolls of assorted colour and B&W, 35mm/120 Kodak film (160 Portra 35mm/120, T-MAX 100 35mm, Ektar 100 35mm). If this wasn’t enough, in your goodie bag  you will also win a official Film’s not Dead T-shirt and stickers! The winner will also have the opportunity to be able to write/featured on the Kodak 1000 word blog!

The Theme is: “DO NOT CROP”

 The words “DO NOT CROP” have been stamped onto the back of some of the worlds most famous pictures from the worlds most regarded photographers, It’s that little black line of authenticity we are looking for.


By clicking ‘Submit’ you agree to give us permission to display your work on our site solely for the purpose or in relation to the competition and agree to the rules below:

1. All photographs must include the REBATE, at least the black line but don’t be afraid to go crazy and show us your sprocket holes.

2. Your photograph must be a scan of either the negative/slide or wet print.

3. Digital manipulation will not be tolerated. If we suspect a photo may have been over manipulated or edited using digital means, we will be in contact via email. (Corrections on scans is acceptable such as taking out dust, brightness, contrast)

4. You have to be the original photographer.

5. We do not hold any responsibility over copyright issues, further than that discussed above. We recommend a small thumbnail of your name and the date to be added in the corner if you are worried about copyright issues.

6. All uploads must be ‘.jpg’.

7. All photographs must be under 1MB.

8. Your email must be one that you often check as we will be contacting the lucky winner though this.

9. You may upload a maximum of 3 photographs.

10. Your photographs do not only have to be shot on Kodak Film. It can be shot on anything as long as it’s FILM.

11. The deadline is the 30/11/13 (11/30/13) – The entry form will be closed at midnight 12.00 GMT.

12. The WINNER will be announced on the 01/12/13 (or 12/01/13 if your in America.)

 The competition is now closed, thank you to everyone who entered. The winner will be announced soon!