Agfa Silette Type 4

An original from the fantastic series of classically designed 50’s viewfinder cameras, the Agfa Silette Type 4. A really fun little camera in use which both looks great and is relativly easy to carry.

Featuring shutter speeds from bulb to 250th of a second and the 45mm ƒ2.8 Agnar lens the Silette is a great little camera for daytime use but has a hot shoe so you can attach a flash for the night. You have to set your focus on the one by estimating the distance based on the scale on the lens. Theres no light meter in this one so you might need to get yourself a hand held light meter to begin with but soon enough you’ll be able to shoot with out.

We love the Silette series of cameras not just for there iconic design, but for there ease and overall fun of use and of course it’s the original in the Silette series.


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