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1 Year Warranty!

Olympus Pen EE2

- Little and easy to carry
- No Batteries Required
- No built in flash
- Fixed focus

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Good overall condition.


28mm ƒ3.5 Olympus Lens






Hot Shoe Mount




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A classic 35mm half frame point and shoot camera which will give you double the amount of exposures from a roll of film, so instead of getting 36 you’ll get 72 photos!

The Pen EE2 was released in 1968, aimed at amateurs and designed as a true point and shoot camera. The name comes from the camera being as easy to carry as a pen. The lens is a fixed focus 28mm ƒ3.5 Zuiko lens and it features a hot shoe for your flash.

With a classic design and selenium meter you won’t need any batteries. Like the Olympus Trip, the Pen EE2 has a red flag that will pop up in the viewfinder if the meter thinks it’s to dark for a photo, this will stop you ever wasting a frame on a bad exposure.

An iconic point and shoot camera, perfect for travelling around everywhere with you without the worry of the batteries running out or having to change film too often.