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1 Year Warranty!

Olympus XA2

- Super light and easy to carry
- Comes with Detachable Flash
- No manual settings
- Basic zone focusing

Additional Information


Great overall condition


35mm ƒ3.5 Olympus Lens






A11 Detachable Flash


2x LR44


In stock

Originally released as a simplified version of the original XA, the XA2 features automatic exposure and zone focusing system, where you’ll need to pick your distance based on the diagrams on the left of the lens.

The XA2 was designed to be a super portable camera which can be used by anyone and creates good quality sharp images. It’s a slightly more manual version of the more modern mju and is about the same size.

The flash will come attached to the camera but can be easily removed whenever it’s not in use, and needs 1x AA battery to work. This one in particular will come in it’s original box with instructions and little strap.

It’s a great camera for those who are looking to move away from fully automatic point and shoots, for a slightly more manual version, which can be very easily carried around wherever it may need to go.