Pentax MX

A great camera for those with small hands (or who just want a littler, lighter SLR) and those who are looking to learn to shoot fully manually. We aren’t massive fans of LED lights in our viewfinders, but this has to be the exception. There’s a simple traffic light light […]

Kodak Portra 160 x5

Kodak Portra 160 features a significantly finer grain structure improved scanning and enlargement capability in today’s workflow. Choose Portra 160 to deliver exceptionally smooth and natural skin tone reproduction, the hallmark of the Kodak Profeshional Portra film family. It’s the idea choice for portrait, fashion and commercial photography.

Hanimex IC 1000

A classic simple little point and shoot camera with a built in flash, which is controlled using the switch on the front of the camera, and a 30mm lens. The IC-1000 can be used with or without batteries but you won’t be able to use the flash without and the […]

Olympus Shoot & GO R

A super simple little point and shoot camera which features a built in flash, with red eye reduction, which is controlled using the switch on the front of the camera and a 34mm lens. This one will not need any batteries to wind and fire but if you wish to […]

Pentax ESPIO 115G

Part of the respected ESPIO series of cameras the 115G is one that stands out from the crowd. Boasting a stylish design, 38-115mm lens and a panoramic mode the ESPIO 115G is a great all round little point and shoot camera. Similar to others in the ESPIO series which feature […]

Canon MC

A great little pocket sized 35mm point and shoot camera which boasts a super fast 35mm f2.8 lens. The MC stands for Micro Compact as it was one of the smallest, but highest quality, point and shoot cameras in production by Canon. It’s micro size, fast ƒ2.8 lens and ease […]

Minolta Riva Zoom 105EX Metallic

The limited edition part of the Riva Zoom family of 35mm point and shoot cameras, the Minolta Riva Zoom 105EX Metallic. A great little point and shoot camera with a metallic casing and brilliant design. Featuring a whole load of modes including a self timer, continuous shooting mode, a remote shutter […]

Olympus mju II Zoom 80

The zoom member of the now cult mju II family, the Olympus mju II Zoom 80. With it’s super sleek pocket sized design and sheer simplicity of use while creating sharp images the mju II Zoom 80 is one of, if not our favourite, point and shoot camera with a […]

Agfa Silette-L

A slightly updated version of the iconic Silette series of 35mm viewfinder cameras, the Silette-L. It’s a really fun little camera to use and with the addition of a built in light meter it makes taking photos super easy. Similar to others in the Silette family the Silette-L features a […]

Agfa Silette Type 4

An original from the fantastic series of classically designed 50’s viewfinder cameras, the Agfa Silette Type 4. A really fun little camera in use which both looks great and is relativly easy to carry. Featuring shutter speeds from bulb to 250th of a second and the 45mm ƒ2.8 Agnar lens […]

Canon Sure Shot Supreme Quartz Date

Part of the series of 35mm point and shoot cameras from Canon, the Sure Shot Supreme. This one features a quartz date back (so you can print the date on your film) and boasts a fast 38mm f2.8 lens. Similar to others in the Sure Shot series the Sure Shot […]

Pentax ESIPO 160

A member of the brilliant ESPIO series of 35mm point and shoot cameras, the Pentax ESIPO 160. With it’s panoramic mode, where you’ll just need to flick the switch on the back of the camera, along with it’s 38-160mm lens this one really is a great all rounder. With a […]

Rollei 35 B

From the series of brilliantly little viewfinder cameras which were, at one point, the smallest full frame 35mm camera ever produced. With it’s retractable 40mm ƒ3.5 lens and built in selenium light meter this one really is a fantastic pocket sized camera. This one features the Triotar lens and due […]

Olympus AF-10 Mini

The slightly rethought version of the AF-10, the AF-10 mini is a super simple fully automatic 35mm point and shoot camera with a slightly slower lens than it’s older relative. Featuring the standards of a little 90’s point and shoot such as a built in flash and self timer this […]

Olympus AF-10

As David Bailey showed us in the 80’s advert the Olympus AF-10 is a fast little point and shoot which features a 35mm ƒ3.5 lens with fast autofocus. With it’s super fast autowind and quick response to the press of the button the AF-10 is a great little point and […]

Canon Demi EE28

Part of the fantastically designed Demi family of cameras by Canon the EE28 is the fully automatic version with aperture priority (AP). This version of the half-frame camera can either be fully automatic or will deal with the shutter speed for you so all you need to set is the […]

Canon AS-1

As the underwater part of the Canon Sure Shot series of point and shoot cameras the AS-1 can find itself up to 5 meters underwater and features a close up setting which will allow you to take photos from 0.45-1 meter away. Similar in design to the classic little Sure […]

Kodak Pony 135

A 35mm viewfinder bakelite beauty from Kodak, the Pony 135. A super simple viewfinder camera with the addition of one of Kodak’s better glass lenses for a surprisingly sharp results. The Pony 135’s shutter speed and aperture are both set on the cameras lens and you’ll need to estimate the […]

Pentax ESPIO 928

One of the members of the large ESPIO family. The ESPIO 928 is a classic 90’s point and shoot camera. Featuring a curved design, flash, panoramic mode and a 28-90mm lens. Like others in the ESPIO family the 928 comprises of some great extra features such as double exposure mode, […]

Canon Sure Shot Multi-Tele

A brilliant point and shoot camera which boasts a bi-focal lens of either 35mm ƒ3.5 or 60mm ƒ5.6 and, a rarely seen feature in modern point and shoot cameras, a fantastic half frame option. Similar in design to some others in the Sure Shot series the Multi-Tele’s curved design makes […]

Yashica T4

Thanks to it’s super sharp 35mm ƒ3.5 Carl Zeiss Tessar lens, fill flash and speedy wind and fire the T4 outshines many other point and shoot cameras with it’s speed, image quality and ease of use.

We’d recommend the T4 to those who are looking for a high quality little point and shoot camera which can easily be carried and will produce beautifully crisp images at an outstanding speed.

This one in particular will come in it’s original box with the instructions and wrist strap.

Olympus mju II

One of, if not our most popular 35mm point and shoot cameras. The mju II is fast on track to gaining cult status and becoming as desired and respected as the Yashica T4 (thanks Terry). With it’s fast 35mm ƒ2.8 lens it’s a great camera for low light and performs […]

Olympus PEN

The tiny 35mm half-frame viewfinder camera that kicked off the brilliant PEN series of compact cameras, the Olympus PEN. Deigned by the same man who brought us the OM, XA and mju series of cameras, the PEN was designed to be as small and as portable as possible, just like […]

Chinon Bellami

Presenting the little Chinon Bellami 35mm point and shoot camera, with a barn door front, an automatic exposure and a manual focus 35mm ƒ2.8 lens. The Bellami, although a little bigger than others such as the Olympus XA, is a really little pocketable camera  which is super fun to use. […]

Cinestill T800 Tugsten

The second generation of CineStill film is now being produced! With an improved and refined process, 800Tungsten is producing superb results in standard C-41 chemistry!

Great rated ISO 200-2000. Can be pushed to 3000! Original fresh stock from Kodak Vision3 500T 5219 prepped and rolled for clean safe C-41 standard development as an ISO 800 film. May also still be processed in motion picture ECN-2 chemistry.


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