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Polaroid 600 Lester A. Dine Model IV

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3 Attachment lenses for close up photography

Body Condition

Great overall condition


Polaroid or Impossible 600 film

£130.00 £100.00

The Polaroid 600 Lester A. Dine Model IV is a Polaroid camera that was designed for close-up (macro) photography. The Model IV comes with 3 different lenses for various close-ups, auto exposure, a built in flash with a light diffuser and flash override. It’s the perfect camera for the instant macro photographer and will produce some rarely seen photos on a Polaroid as you can get so close. The lenses are as long as their focusing distance so you know where to match up for sharpness. The camera cannot be used for normal photography and is just for close-ups as it was first designed for dental photography but will still give you some really amazing results. It will take the Polaroid 600 film and is highly recommended to someone who wants to create some instant images with a really individual look.