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Danny Pope

A true legend of colour printing, Danny Pope understands the importance of image creation and preservation. Aside from amazing prints he is also one of the only people in the world that will create a full very high quality digital archive of all your negatives. Here’s a quote from the man himself, which explains his unique view on photography.

“In Greek the meaning of nostalgia is the pain from an old wound. It’s a twinge from your heart far more powerful than the memory alone. Photography is a time machine, goes backwards and forwards , round and round, taking us to a place where we ache to go again,  the place where we know we are loved.”

Danny Pope

John Brewer

Currently living in Manchester, John Brewer is a specialist in wetplate collodion, cyanotype, platinum/palladium and gum bichromate printing, who can provide any keen photography enthusiast with a fountain of knowledge. Running brilliant workshops in a number of alternative processes all around the UK. He is also available for demonstrations and talks about wet plate collodion photography. He also supplies collodion, silver nitrate and 8×10 silver boxes, so that any one interested in starting in wet plate photography can purchase everything they need direct from John. Contact him for more informations on his website, linked below.

John Brewer website.

Klaus Otto Kalde

With over 30 years of experience in black & white processing and printing, Klaus Kalde has worked for some of the leading photographers, creating some truly unique and captivating prints. Everything will be processed or printed by hand and Klaus will be able to discuss your individual needs. If you would like to know how to contact Klaus then click his website is linked below.

Klaus Kalde website.

Adrian Ensor

Adrian Ensor is known as one of the best finest B&W printers. He has been printing for 30 years and has twice won the renowned Ilford Printer of the Year Award, which is one of the UK’s highest acclaim for printers. His London based darkroom attracts many orders from some of the Britain’s top photographers, as well as photographers from around the world. Click on the link below to find out more about him

Adrian Ensor

Dennis Watson

Dennis is a fantastic colour printer, having had over 30 years experience in the business. Printing for clients such as Jane Hilton, Miles Aldridge and Platon. The love for colour printing started at the age of just 16 and has continued to grow. He now mainly prints for fine art photographers, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Wallpaper and many more. To get in contact with Dennis either email or call him, shown below.


Melvin Cambettie Davis

“In this digital age I believe you can not beat photographic printing by hand on silver gelatin fibre based paper for quality and longevity”.

Master Mono which is owned by the talented Melvin Cambettie Davies, who has over 46 years of experience in the photographic industry. A leading light in photographic toning and fine art printing, Melvin’s real passion is printing from any type of film including glass plate negatives dating back to the 1890’s, toning and enhancing the images in his inimitable way. To find out more about Davis click on the link below.

Melvin Cambettie Davis

Andrew Sanderson

Not only is Sanderson one of the UK’s leading Photographers and a master printers, he has also written definitive books such as Night Photography: A Practical Manual; the highly acclaimed Home Photography: Inspiration on Your Doorstep and; is a regular contributor to photographic magazines in the U.K. He is an Ilford Master Printer, and regularly gives workshops to university tutors, students and private individuals.

Andrew is recognised as the leading practitioner of the paper negative process and one of the world’s best hand colourists. Examples of both of these techniques can be found in his third book; Hand Colouring and Alternative Darkroom Processes.

Andrew Sanderson

Tim Rudman

Tim Rudman is known around the world as a fine art photographer and printer and is widely regarded as being responsible for the current popularity of the Lith printing process. His sell-out books on B&W printing, Toning and on Lith Printing can command extraordinary prices on the resale market.

Tim’s workshops around Europe, America, Canada and Australia often fill overnight and his prints are held in permanent and private collections in many countries, including The Permanent Collection, housed in the National Media Museum in Bradford, UK.

 Tim Rudman / Master Photographers Toning Book/ World of Lith Printing Book