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The most convenient black and white developer we know.  We use it here at New55 FILM.

R3 MONOBATH DEVELOPER is a universal all-in-one developer, stop, and fix solution for black and white photographic film.  It can be used in the field, in the darkroom, in your bathroom, or in a dark-bag to conveniently develop your black & white negative film in a single pass.

Sample photographs that were processed in R3 MONOBATH DEVELOPER are found on the blog.   This monobath works well with the old-style cubic-grain emulsions like Panatomix X and others common in the 1950s and 1960s.  We have tested R3 MONOBATH DEVELOPER specifically with New55 Atomic-X, Ilford Pan F, HP5 Plus, Kodak TMax, Tri-X, Efke 25, and Shanghai 100.  It should work with any black and white film, and has even been found to work well with old exposed black and white film that has been sitting for years.  For that mysterious roll of film that came inside your new, old-timey camera, R3 MONOBATH DEVELOPER is especially recommended.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Wear gloves.  Use a well-ventilated space.  Warm the R3 MONOBATH DEVELOPER to 80 degrees F (27C) in an external water bath.  In total darkness, immerse your exposed black & white film completely in the warm monobath for 6 minutes without agitation.  (It is safe to look at your film in the light after about 2 minutes, but be sure to continue the process for the full 6 minutes.)  Remove your film from the monobath and rinse it thoroughly in room-temperature tap water for a minimum of 5 minutes.  Hang to dry.

1 Liter (32 ounce) plastic container.  Keeps for a long time.

***NOW SHIPPING WORLDWIDE  |  ships separately***


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