Color Film for 8×10

Our largest format. Detail like no other film.

Large format photography reinvented

A pack to make 10 large format color photographs. For use with an 8×10 camera, Polaroid film holder and processor.

8 by 10-inch instant film provides a large image area and high levels of detail. Professional photographers use the format to achieve results not possible on any other type of film.

Our color film formula produces photographs with richness and depth. Colors are well balanced, tones are natural, definition is sharp.

8×10 films are produced and carefully assembled - mostly by hand - in our factories in Enschede and Monheim.

Single Pack 139.00 GBP
Triple Pack 417.00 376.00 GBP
“ Colors are amazing, there’s just enough contrast, and lots of details in the darks. It’s fantastic. ” Thomas Zamolo

Product Specifications

8 × 10in (18 × 24cm) Format

640 ASA Film Speed ±⅓ stop

5-10 Minutes Emergence at 70°F (20°C)

Storage Temperature 34-45°F (1-7°C)

Coated with Glossy Finish

10 Color exposures per pack

You need

Photos by

Thomas Zamolo, Oliver Blohm and Marian Rainer-Harbach