World Wide Pinhole Day 2013

April 28, 2013


It’s that time of year everyone to start getting your pinhole cameras ready because it is World Wide Pinhole Day! This is a fantastic event that takes place each year on the last Sunday in April, where anyone and everyone from anywhere in the world can enter their pinhole photographs to the World Wide Pinhole Website. Your photograph/s will then become part of the World Wide Pinhole community on an online gallery where you will be able to view 1000 of different creative ways to make cameras and produce unusual photographs. This is an international event to celebrate the art of pinhole photography, to encourage us to go back to the simplicities of photography!

Jimmy Bonnal, "Self portrait" Auray, France - Self portrait in my office  Polaroid Pinhole & Fuji FP100c

On the World Wide Pinhole Photography website they say: “Pinhole photography allows you to make a photograph that requires only a light-tight container (box, can,…) with a tiny hole in one side (as a camera) and any photo-sensitive surface in it. You can adapt an existing camera, or make the camera yourself . The experience of image-making becomes a little more special when created with your own hand-made camera; so, we provide different instructions in making your camera on our Support page.”

Rocio Pilar Mendez Brisighelli, "SUBTERFUGIO" Caba, Buenos Aires, Argentina - "Black and white RC paper, 5 minutes. Humberto 1º y Jujuy, CABA, Bs As, Argentina. Sunday the 29th of april 2012 (3pm)

“With your own camera, infinite depth-of-field, skewed perspectives, and slower exposures, you may ultimately become more creative and more selective about what you choose to photograph. Magical things happen in pinhole photography…”

To become part of World Wide Pinhole Day, read on their How to Participate page.

To find out about the basics of Pinhole photography please visit DIY Photography for a brilliant compehensive guide on this unique photographic process.

Information: World Wide Pinhole Day 

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