Agfa Clack

Agfa’s Clack is a super simple 120 (medium format) box like camera which produces 6×9 negatives at the flick of a switch.

Similar to other box cameras like some of the Kodak Brownie models, the Clack has just 2 shutter speeds of either bulb or 30th of a second. It’s apertures are shown as diagrams of a sunny and cloudy day, they also control the distance.

We’d recommend using an ISO 200 film on a sunny day or an ISO 400 on a cloudy day for the best results on the Clack. This one would be a suitable choice for those looking to try out a box like camera with the addition of a slightly better lens than some. Although it is not the sharpest lens the Clack will produce some great results and is real fun to use.


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