RETO3D : A New 3D Camera!

RETO3d is a new 3D camera, it’s successfully funded via Kickstarter and should be launching this summer! Building on the success of the classic stereographic cameras such as the Nimslo and the Nishika N800 the camera features 3 lenses that takes 3 photo’s at the same time, after scanning the […]

Fabio Gräni – For The Love

Introducing Swiss based photographer Fabio Gräni, the 10th winner of our competition, ‘For the Love’  in collaboration with Kodak Alaris. After countless entries we had to give it to Gräni for this striking shot. A great example of street photography, Gräni has managed to perfectly catch a moment, not only in time but also light. Multiple components […]

Charlie Cummings – For the Love

Meet London based photographer Charlie Cummings, the ninth winner of our competition, ‘For the Love’  in collaboration with Kodak Alaris. After thousands of fantastic entries Cummings intimate portrait of rapper Wiz Khalifa caught our eye. The composition, pose and single eye staring directly into the lens all add up to create this beautiful capture. […]

Instant Stories. Wim Wenders’ Polaroids – The Photographers Gallery

20 OCT – 11 FEB   The Photographers Gallery 16 – 18 Ramillies Street London W1F 7LW Opening  Times: Mon – Sat: 10.00 – 18.00 (Please check for holiday opening times) Admission Price: Free admission before 12.00 every day Exhibition Day Pass £4 (£2.50 concessions) Advance Online Booking £2.50 Further Information: +44 (0) 20 7087 […]

Lee-David de Haas – For the Love

We’re pleased to introduce the 8th winner from the ‘For the Love’ competition with Kodak Alaris, Lee-David de Haas! After another month of amazing entries, we had to give it to Lee-David de Haas for his beautifully lit and composed photo! Lee spoke to us about why he shoots film, he’s love for documenting […]

Illuminating India – Science Museum

Until 31st March 2018   Science Museum Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London, SW7 2DD   Opening Times: 10.00–18.00 (last entry 17.15) Admission: Free For further information: 020 7942 4000/     Illuminating India marks 70 years of independence this year from the British! To celebrate this occasion the Science Museum is currently holding […]

Glashier – For the Love

Introducing the 7th winner from the ‘For the Love’ competition with Kodak, Steve Glashier! On the back of yet another month of brilliant entries Glashier’s image jumped right out at us. Not only is it a striking image, it’s tonally fantastic! We caught up with Glashier to find out more about a man […]

Frankiewicz & Rozniata – For The Love

Introducing the incredibly dynamic duo, Krzysztof (Chris) Frankiewicz & Aleksandra (Alex) Rozniata, the sixth joint winner of our competition, ‘For the Love’ with in collaboration with Kodak. Based in London, this fashion photography tag team have created a stunning portfolio of work, with their own unmistakable style. They’ve worked for clients such as; Elle […]

Polaroid & Impossible are up to something…

Polaroid have just launched a potentially huge announcement scheduled for next week (September 13th). Their website now features a looped teaser (some shown below), hinting back to it’s analogue roots. Not only did Polaroid make this teaser but Impossible also put out an announcement saying “We’re Going Dark” with their website […]

Andrew Tarnawczyk – For The Love

We’re excited to introduce Andrew Tarnawczyk, the fifth winner of twelve in our competition ‘For the Love’ with Kodak. Tarnawczyk is a London based photographer and a BA graduate from Edinburgh College, with a recognisable style and unique way of seeing the world. His interest in fashion, portraiture and bizarre set ups has […]

Sean K. Harp – For The Love

Introducing the fourth winner of 12 in our competition ‘For the Love’ with Kodak, Sean K. Harp! Harp is a photojournalist working for the United States Army and is currently based out of Seoul, Korea. We were instantly drawn to Harp’s composition and choice of moment, in both his winning […]

Jakub Gloser – For The Love

We’re excited to introduce Jakub Gloser, the third winner of twelve in our competition with Kodak, ‘For the Love’. Gloser is a London, UK based photographer whose style fuses street, portrait and landscape photography. Most influenced by travel and documentation of new places, Gloser’s photographs are beautifully composed as well […]

What Happened to Portra?

In light of what’s happened so far this year, we thought it would be a great time to catch up with Lars Fiedler of Kodak Alaris about how things are going, their big announcement, and where has our beloved Portra been hiding? You may remember the name Lars Fiedler from […]

Stephen Wooldridge – For The Love.

Meet Stephen Wooldridge, the second winner of twelve in our competition ‘For the Love’ with Kodak. Wooldridge is a photographer, based in Manchester, UK. His fascination with story telling through photography, which has been with him since childhood, has lead him to photograph such subjects as the Barnsley Sea Cadets, […]

Remembering Ren Hang…

30 March 1987 – 24 February 2017   “People come into this world naked and I consider naked bodies to be people’s original, authentic look.”   Over a month ago photography lost one of the leading figures of a new generation of Chinese photographers, Ren Hang. This was at the time in […]

Stewart Weir – For The Love.

  Introducing Stewart Weir, the first of twelve winners from our ‘For the Love’ competition with Kodak. Weir is a self taught photographer from Brighton, UK whose ‘just do it’ attitude and striking compositions have landed his work in such publications as National Geographic Traveller, Vogue, Esquire and The Times to name just […]


  2017 has already got off to a bang! Kodak has officially announced the return of the much loved iconic Kodak Ektachrome film! The announcement was made at CES in Las Vegas by Kodak Alaris, the off shoot company that was set up in 2013 to protect, and owned by […]

ARAKI – Hamilton Gallery

  27 September – 22 November 2016   Hamiltons Gallery 13 Carlos Place London W1K 2EU Opening Times: Tuesday – Friday  10am – 6pm Saturdays 11am – 4pm Further Information:  +44 (0) 207 499 9493/   For the second time, Hamiltons is displaying the work of one of Japan’s most controversial and […]

The Image as Question: An Exhibition of Evidential Photography

  28th September – 26th November 2016 Michael Hoppen Gallery 3 Jubilee Place London SW3 3TD Opening Times: Mon – Fri, 9:30am – 6pm Sat, 10:30am – 5pm Admission: Free For Further information: (0)20 7352 3649     The Image as Question: An Exhibition of Evidential photography is a visual theatre of post-documentary and artistic passion, encompassing a […]

52 Photo Tips #25: f/8 and be there

  There’s a lot more to the photojournalist’s maxim “f8 and be there” than first appears. It’s a phrase that is popularly attributed to Arthur Fellig, the press photographer better known by his nickname ‘Weegee‘. “Weegee’s response is beautiful in that it gives away the technical side of his two-part […]

Introducing the Leica Sofort Instant Camera

  Leica to move into instant photography with their first instant camera, the Leica Sofort.     With the new arrival of Instax Monochrome film this month, there is more exciting news to add to the instant community from an unlikely company. Leica have officially revealed a new addition to […]

Fujifilm announces B&W Instax Mini Monochrome Film

Great news for Instax/instant shooters! Fujifilm announced yesterday that they’re going to be introducing a new Instax instant film in black-and-white called ‘Instax Mini Film Monochrome’, which is aiming to hit the shelves October 2016. Fujfilm’s says: “The ‘Instax Mini Film Monochrome responds to the increasingly sophisticated demands of users. Enabling them to […]

William Eggleston: Portraits – National Portrait Gallery

  21 July – 23 October 2016 National Portrait Gallery St Martin’s Place London WC2H 0HE   Opening Times: 10.00 – 18.00 Thursdays – Fridays until 21.00   Admission: £8/7 / £6.50/5.50 Student Further information: 020 7306 0055/ To book Tickets     “There is no particular reason to search for meaning.” – […]

So, you want to buy a TLR Rolleiflex? Good choice! – Martin Reekie

  What makes a Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) Rolleiflex so special? Well, it was THE camera of choice for anyone serious about their photography from the 1930’s right through to the early 1960’s. Many very famous photographers have used the Rolleiflex over the years, Imogen Cunningham, Lee Miller, Robert Capa, […]

Jacques Henri Lartigue : The Blink of an Eye – Review

8th June- 9th August 2016   Michael Hoppen Gallery 3 Jubilee Place London SW3 3TD Opening Times:Mon – Fri, 9:30am – 6pm Sat, 10:30am – 5pm Admission: Free For Further information: (0)20 7352 3649     “I have never taken a picture for any other reason than that at that moment it made me happy […]

Paul Strand: Photography and Film for the 20th Century – Review

  Until 3rd July 2016 Victoria & Albert Museum Cromwell Road, London SW7 2RL   Opening Times:  10.00 – 17.30 (Fri: 10.00 – 21.30) Admission: £9.00 For Further Information: Get directions/ 020 7942 2000/   Prior to this exhibition, I will admit, I did not know that much about Paul Strand, his work […]

Fox Talbot: Dawn of the Photograph – Review

  Until 11th September 2016 Science Museum Exhibition Rd, London SW7 2DD, United Kingdom Opening Times: Open seven days a week 10.00-18.00 Admission Price: £8 (£6 concession) Further Information:  0333 241 4000/   “How charming it would be if it were possible to cause these natural images to imprint themselves durably and remain […]

Lee Miller: A Women’s War – Review

  Until 24 April 2016 IWM London Lambeth Road London SE1 6HZ Opening times: Open 10am – 6pm every day Last admission is at 5.30pm Admission: Adult £10, Child £5, Concessions £7, Members Free.     The ‘Lee Miller – A Women’s War’ exhibition, an in-depth discovery of her work during […]

GivePhotos – Giving away 1,000 Fuji Instax Prints

Imagine never having a family photo album, or not having a decent print of yourself as a child or not having a picture of your parents or grandparents. Well in most parts of India this is a reality. Yet GivePhotos, a fantastic project run by Bipasha Shom is trying to […]

New Film – Japan Camera Hunter Branded film – StreetPan 400

Japan Camera Hunter aka Bellamy Hunt who is known for his blog that’s dedicated to Japan’s photographic scene and analog photography. As of last week he announced some fantastic news that he’s made his very own branded film. Introducing JCH StreetPan 400! The film is a black and white stock that was […]

Vogue 100: The Dawn of Fashion Photography – Workshop

  23 April – 24 April 2016 11:00-17:00 We are very pleased to announce a two-day workshop at the National Portrait Gallery led by photographer Eddie Otchere and Film’s Not Dead. Through this workshop you will investigate the early years of fashion photography, which saw a shift from illustration to […]

52 Photo Tips #24: Find a favourite film

  When you first start shooting film, the choices can be a little daunting. Even if there is quite the number of emulsions still being made today, there are still dozens to choose from. Each brand of film, like cameras and lenses, has its own characteristics. Some demands bright light, […]

Floating Bits: Underwater Large Format photography

The twin brother duo Ian and Erick Regnard work together as photographers and boy do they create beautiful work together! Born in Mauritius, a volcanic island in the Indian Ocean, their creative work leads them to the crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean where they use a mixture of a large […]

52 Photo Tips #23: Silhouettes

  Camera meters can be easily fooled. Place a subject in front of a much brighter background and – unless you meter very carefully – you’ll end up with a reasonably exposed background and a completely underexposed subject. It’s something that you’ll probably recognise from family albums from the past, […]

Oriental Seagull is Back with a Brand New Film!

  Exciting news for the analogue community, Japanese black and white photo paper / distributor Cyber Graphics is set to release a new 35mm black and white film in Japan under the much loved and missed Oriental Seagull brand. This fantastic news was announced on Tokyo Camera Style yesterday stating: “New Seagull […]

52 Photo Tips #22: Learn to see in black and white

Black and white photography is a lot more complicated than colour. Without the colour, you must make the other elements of a photo – composition, texture, contrast, form and atmosphere – do all the work. That requires some patience and experimentation. But there are some tried and trusted ways of […]

How to store Fuji FP100 Instant film Negatives – In water!

A couple of months ago a fellow photographer by the name Chuck Espinoza (@chuckespinoza- Instagram) asked me if I’ve had any experience with storing and handle FP100c negatives when you’re in the field shooting. I almost never keep the negative, however in some cases it can be useful and you […]

100% Scandinavian with Twee Wayfarers

Master cleanse street art chambray umami, keytar readymade polaroid try-hard small batch flexitarian Shoreditch cold-pressed Banksy brunch. Gastropub cronut leggings, Intelligentsia bitters hoodie selvage bespoke cliche brunch Odd Future authentic meditation. IPhone beard artisan vinyl. Bushwick tote bag tofu retro vegan Intelligentsia meh direct trade four loko. Twee quinoa messenger […]

Wet Plate Photograms – Anton Orlov

  Here’s a little something fun I tried recently and I think it deserves a little story. My friend Race Gentry stopped by in order to test out a brand new daguerreotype camera that he just received the day before. I’m not going to go into details of exactly where […]

52 Photo Tips #21: Shoot your neighbourhood

  Look back through old family albums, and you often see photos taken in one of two situations – holidays and momentous family occasions. The ordinary life in suburbs and neighbourhoods gets only a passing look. The camera seems to have been taken to beaches and birthday parties, and little […]

CineStill 120 Film Campaign is Back!

  The future for film since the digital revolution has never looked so bright, with the beginning of the year starting with a surprise from Kodak when their revealed their Kodak Super 8 camera, and the record shattering Star Wars Episode VII being captured on film, helping Kodak motion film to […]

The Filmomat – A homemade Automatic film processor

  Most of us analogue photographers want an easier way to develop our films but German photographer Lukas Fritz took it into his own hands taking home developing to another level. He calls it the Filmomat which he spent a year designing and building. It’s a fully automatic film processor that […]

National Park Asks Photographer to Shoot Large Format Film

We think this has to be the dream job! A photographic job that actually requests the photographer to shoot with large format film. The National Parks Service is looking to hire a black-and-white large format photographer, and the salary is up to $100,000 per year. This is not the first […]

Using a Minox Spy camera for Wet Plates!

When it comes to wet plate photography how small can one really go? In Anton Orlov’s case as small as 8x11mm tintypes using the legendary old Minox subminiature camera — a model A III from the 1950s. Orlov kindly explained to us about his journey to using this camera for such a […]

52 Photo Tips #20: Shoot lots

  Film itself is expensive. You can spend a fortune as a beginner with no guarantee that your talents will reward all that expense. And then it costs to get it developed, and it costs to get it scanned. If you’ve come from digital, the expense can be eye-watering. The […]

Berenice Abbott – Beetles + Huxley Gallery

  27 October – 21 November 2015 Beetles+Huxley, 3-5 Swallow Street London W1B 4DE Opening Times: Monday – Saturday, 10am – 5.30pm Admission: Free For Further information: Telephone: 020 7434 4319/     Beetles + Huxley continue to display images by some of our favourite photographers and their most recent show […]

52 Photo Tips #19: Use a Polariser in Sunny Weather

[spb_row wrap_type=”content-width” parallax_image_height=”content-height” parallax_image_movement=”fixed” parallax_image_speed=”0.5″ bg_video_loop=”yes” parallax_video_height=”window-height” parallax_video_overlay=”none” row_overlay_opacity=”0″ vertical_center=”true” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] [spb_text_block animation=”none” animation_delay=”0″ padding_vertical=”0″ padding_horizontal=”0″ width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] Filters might seem a bit old-fashioned now; the effects that photographers used to get with a thin piece of glass on the end of the lens. Editing software like […]

PYLOT: An all Analogue magazine

Many jewels are to be found whilst digging for independent magazines and one of them is surely PYLOT. Launched in 2014 by Max Barnett, the bi-annual publication is currently in its second issue (named The Family Issue, with 208 pages of exclusive content) and it is completely dedicated to analogue photography, […]

Converting a Brownie into a Polaroid – Kristian O. Gundersen

[spb_row wrap_type=”content-width” parallax_image_height=”content-height” parallax_image_movement=”fixed” parallax_image_speed=”0.5″ bg_video_loop=”yes” parallax_video_height=”window-height” parallax_video_overlay=”none” row_overlay_opacity=”0″ vertical_center=”true” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] [spb_text_block animation=”none” animation_delay=”0″ padding_vertical=”0″ padding_horizontal=”0″ width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] About two years ago I was gifted 2 Polaroid Mini Portrait cameras along with some film and several film backs. People told me if I had a Polaroid 600SE […]

Julia Margaret Cameron: Influence & Intimacy

   24 September – 28 March 2016   Media Space, The Science Museum Exhibition Road South Kensington SW7 2DD Opening Times: Mon – Sun, 10.00-18.00 Admission: Free Further Information: To celebrate Julia Margaret Cameron’s (One of the most influential Victorian photographers) 200th birthday the Media Space at the Science Museum have […]

52 Photo Tips #18: Use a handheld light meter

One of the big stumbling blocks that prevents people trying film – especially with older cameras – is metering. We’re used to taking perfectly exposed pics time after time these days, either on our phones, digital compacts or DSLRs. To give that up and try and get well-exposed photos on […]

Introducing IMPOSSIBLE’s new 8×10 instant colour film

All large format photographers rejoice, Impossible have just released their new 8×10 colour film! The pack comes with 10 large format colour sheets, for use with an 8×10 camera, Polaroid film holder and processor. You can order directly from Impossible today with a single pack starting at £139 and a […]

52 Photo Tips #17: Use leading lines

  Photography draws much from the rules of painting. One of the most important is the use of leading lines. When our eyes see a line, they instinctively move along it, seeking to follow it to the end. Painters and artists have used it to great effect – creating what’s […]

FOCUSED…… Oliver Blohm

  What happens when you microwave an instant picture? Oliver Blohm, 27, knows the answer – after all, it was his experiment that led to the “Hatzfrass/Fast Food” series back in 2012, and since then he has been one of The Impossible Project’s golden stars, shooting the campaign for their new black […]

Fujifilm Sees Growing Sales of Instax Cameras

According to a PDF document from Fuji Holdings, the sales of Fujfilm’s Instax Instant film and cameras have been growing year by year, with projected numbers for the next year and the year after that to carry on this growing boom in sales. Fuji has to give thanks to young […]

‘Life’ – The Story of James Dean and Dennis Stock

  Director Anton Corbijn has put together a brilliant new movie about the unusual relationship between Life magazine and Magnum photographer Dennis Stock and the rebellious young actor James Dean entitled ‘Life’. Dean (Dane DeHaan) is a workhorse about to hit the big time. Stock (Robert Pattinson) is looking to capture the star on camera before […]

Tintype Adventures – Anton Orlov

My name is Anton Orlov and I’m a photographic artist currently based in San Diego. Film and other analogue photography has been a passion of mine since I was a kid and for the past few years I have been completely engulfed in making tintypes and ambrotypes using wet plate […]

52 Photo Tips #16: Frames within Frames

The frame within a frame is one of the simplest tricks in the photographic armoury. It’s up there with the rule of thirds as a classic toll to improve your photography. And once you start using it, you’ll find it can hugely improve otherwise flat scenes. Creating a “false frame” […]

52 Photo Tips #15: Don’t put film in hold luggage

There is one surefire way to ruin your film. You don’t even have to go to the trouble of taking it out of its canister and exposing it to the light. Just stick it in your hold luggage. Sticking your film in your hold luggage will more than likely ruin […]

Galaxy Hyper Speed – Direct Postive Paper with ISO 120

The use of positive paper has been growing in popularity over the last couple of years, since Ilford brought out their Harman Direct positive paper, yet a new type is about to make waves in the analogue world. The new competitor goes by the name of Galaxy, which is a group of […]

FOCUSED….Jesús Rodríguez Lluch

  For our August FOCUSED feature we have Spanish born, London based photographer Jesus Rodriguez Lluch. We caught up with Lluch to discuss his love for people, why he uses photography and what drives him to use film; from the excitement of not knowing the results, to limiting himself to only […]

“Him & Her” – A love story shot through the viewfinder of a Hasselblad

 Him & Her by Keith Tedesco – A love story through the viewfinder of a Hasselblad 501C “Him & Her” film tells a beautiful story about how a photographer meets a young lady in Valletta, the capital city of Malta. It documents their embarkment on an adventurous journey through the […]

CLERA – The World’s First Transparent Camera – Anton Orlov

Over the years we have become very familiar with photographer Anton Orlov‘s photographic projects from his brilliant Photo Palace bus, to discovering a camera with World War I photographs to his newest venture. He’s created one of the coolest cameras we have ever seen and what he believes to be the world’s first fully […]

52 Photo Tips #14: Experiment with expired film

  Film’s not dead, but in recent years its ranks have been dramatically thinned. Yet a select bunch still remain. Just over a decade ago, you could have walked into a decent camera store and chosen from dozens of different kinds of still film, all of which have been discontinued. […]

52 Photo Tips #13: Choosing a Medium Format Camera

Jumping from 35mm to 120 can at first be a bit daunting. Larger negatives mean less frames to play with, a different ratio, and a range of cameras to choose from. In the latest of our 52 Photo Tips series with photographer Stephen Dowling, we’ll show you a few of […]

ONDU – The Beautiful Handcrafted Wooden Pinhole Cameras

[dropcap size=small]B[/dropcap]eautifully crafted, hand made, carved out of walnut and maple wood, held together using just magnets and even comes in a large variety of playful film formats, this is the ONDU, wooden pinhole camera. The Slovenian camera company has officially been making pinhole cameras for the last three years with the […]

Convert a Polaroid Camera to Use Wet Plates!

Do you want to put something else through your polaroid camera apart from instant film, well Alternative Photography blog have the answer. Photographer and writer Jaro Porkkala wrote a great guide on their website about how to re-use a Polaroid EE100 camera to take Wet Plate Collodion photographs. “Most collodion photographers are using […]

Process Your Film with a One Chemical Bath – R3 Monobath

Back in 2014 we shared that inventor Bob Crowley and his team were working on their New55 film producing a new line of 4×5 instant film. Their Kickstarter campaign turned out to be a great success and got the whole analogue community buzzing. As the company continues to work on its instant film, it has […]

52 Photo Tips #12: Keep film cool

Some films will degrade sooner than others; pro-level film, made to much stricter requirements, is less robust than the cheapest consumer film. But with all of it, the clock is ticking, as soon as it comes off the factory floor. Different types of film, of course, expire in different ways. […]

Julia Margaret Cameron to be next face of the £20.00 Note?

Who do you want to see on the next £20.00 note? As some of you may know the Bank Of England has decided to ask the people who’d they’d like on the next version of the note. This could be English Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron as the next face for […]

Engaging, stunning and truly unforgettable – Mary Ellen Mark

  March 20, 1940 – May 25, 2015 Mary Ellen Mark, is up there with the greatest names in photography! She brought us stunning and at times haunting black and white images of scenes such as Mumbai prosititues, Circus acts, Twins and the rawness of the streets of New York. […]

Elliott Erwitt: Double Platinum – Beetles + Huxley

Until 27 May 2015 Beetles+Huxley 3-5 Swallow Street London W1B 4DE Opening Times: Monday – Saturday, 10am – 5.30pm (closed on bank holidays) Admission: Free For Further Information: 020 7434 4319/   “It’s about reacting to what you see, hopefully without preconception. You can find pictures anywhere. It’s simply a matter of […]

Introducing a new film – Foma Retropan 320 Soft

  We’re so excited to announce that Foma, the 1921 Czech Republic B&W photographic company have revealed a new film will be coming out very soon! RETROPAN 320 soft is a panchromatically sensitized special negative black and white film with fine grain, good resolution and contour sharpness. The film is characterized […]

Revelations: Ori Gersht – Comparison to the great pioneers

Although Ori Gersht’s ‘Blow-up’ series is not film based we found this interview he did with the Science Museum so fascinating we had to share it. At the current show ‘Revelations: Experiments in Photography’ held at the Media Space, Science Museum Gersht work takes centre stage as the leading image […]

Revelations: Experiments in Photographs – Science Museum

  20th March – 13 September 2015  The Science Museum, Media Space Exhibition Road South Kensington SW7 2DD Admission: £8 – Book now For Further Information: 0870 870 4868  Since opening only a couple of years ago The Science Museum, Media Space, has set the bar for exquisite photographic exhibitions. Each one […]

52 Photo Tips # 11: Forget Your Flash

  Electronic flash can be a lifesaver. Every smartphone, compact camera and entry level DSLR has one, giving frame filling light when needed. And flash can allow great photographs to be taken in challenging light, or to create the perfect lighting conditions to bring the most out of a subject. […]

England’s Oldest Camera Manufacturer – Gandolfi & Sons

  This documentary is a little gem! It gives you a glimpse into the business of Gandolfi and Sons photographic cameras.  The 13 minute video reveals the beauty of their craft and the legacy of their family. Some say not only is this company the oldest in England but one of […]

52 Photo Tips #10: Buy new film

I try and take photos every weekend. Even when the weather is grey and dull, you can still find something worth capturing. And shooting on film makes me stand out from the crowd. The most common question I get asked, apart from “Can you still get it processed?” is “Do […]

FOCUSED…… Laura Pannack

  If you went to the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize exhibition last year at the National Portrait Gallery you would have certainly seen the striking portrait of Chayla at Shul, a young Hassidic Jewish girl taken by Laura Pannack. This image earned her the John Kobal New Work Award from National Portrait […]

52 Photo Tips #9: Use morning and evening light

Most photographers end up shooting the majority of their pics in bright sunlight. No great mystery there – we have our cameras with us when we’re on holiday or out on bright, sunny days. Photography needs light, and these conditions present us with a feast. But it’s not the best […]

Jaw Dropping Pinhole Camera

Have you ever wanted to try a completely new perpespective in the way you take your photographs or have you been trying to shoot complete strangers in the street but can’t seem to find the courage to do it? Well, photographer Nicholas Williams has come up with a very unique […]

52 Photo Tips #8 – Learn the Sunny 16 rule

Spare a thought for the film photographers from decades past, learning their way without all the helping hands we take for granted today. Few cameras – except the most expensive – had any kind of meter built in. Photographers, if they had the money, had to make do with handheld […]

FOCUSED…..Taylor Pool

Today on our FOCUSED series we’re very excited to have photographer Taylor Pool! Pool has a love for everything analogue from developing his own films to hand printing all his own work, shooting promptly with either a Rolleiflex or Mamiya RZ67 on black and white film. His work concentrates on taking […]

Nobuyuki Kobayashi: Portrait of Nature – Myriads of Gods

Platinum palladium printing is probably one of my favourite photographic processes as the results one can achieve from this process is beyond words. Producing one of the greatest tonal ranges out of all photographic printing techniques. The unique quality with Platinum printing is that the platinum tones range from warm black, […]

52 Photo Tips #7: Try Cross-Processing

Cross-processing is one of the easiest film experiments you can try. What it involves is taking a film and getting it developed in the chemicals used for another photographic process. The most common cross-processing technique is to take slide film (E6 process) and develop it in the chemicals used for colour […]

Teaching Literacy & Maths through pinholes!

  At school I always hated maths and constiently struggled with it, it never engaged me. Yet wouldn’t it be lovely if you could learn the subjects most kids find boring in a physical and creative way? When we came across this project that David Kendall (director of Fotosynethesis – […]

52 Photo Tips #6: Pushing film – Stephen Dowling

Push processing is one of the film photographer’s secret weapons. It’s a useful trick when you suddenly find you need to use higher shutter speeds to capture action, or find yourself in lower light than expected. It allows you to use faster shutter speeds – meaning pictures won’t be blurred […]

Salt and Silver: Early Photography 1840 – 1860 – Tate Britain

25th February – 7th June 2015 Tate Britain Millbank London SW1P 4RG United Kingdom Opening times: Every day, 10.00–18.00 Admission: Adult £12.00 (without donation £10.90) Concession £10.50 (without donation £9.50) For further information: +44 (0)20 7887 8888/ Opening it’s doors today ‘Salt and Silver: Early Photography 1840 – 1860’ is a rare treat, a display of exquisite salt prints from […]

Denton Camera Exchange

  When you think of Texas the stereotypical thought is real cowboys, vast land, large lakes and Longhorn Cattle. So we were surprised to learn upon watching this 5 minute clip that Armand Kohandani opend up, Denton Camera Exchange. It’s the only camera retail outlet in Denton, Texas, a city of […]

Staying Power: Photographs of Black British Experience 1950s – 1990s – V&A

16th February – 24th May 2015 Victoria and Albert Museum Cromwell Road, London SW7 2RL Opening Times: 10.00 to 17.45 daily 10.00 to 22.00 Fridays Admission: Free Further information: +44 (0)20 7942 2000/ Opened on the 16th of February the V&A and Black Cultural Archives have teamed up over the last […]

52 Photo Tips – #5: Don’t get Frustrated – Stephen Dowling

There’s no getting away from it – shooting film can be frustrating and an exciting process. If you’ve come from digital, where a shot can be tweaked and upgraded at the touch of a few buttons, the gap between what you see in your viewfinder and what turns up on […]

Remembering Eugène Atget – A Pioneer of documentary photography

February 12, 1857, Libourne, France –  August 4, 1927, Paris, France  Today we remember a founding father in documentary photography, photographer Eugène Atget, who was born on this day 158 years ago. Atget was a French photographer who found his calling in photography when he started documenting Old Paris in 1898. During this time […]

From start to finish the making of a 16″x20″ camera – Shane Arsenault

  We saw this via PetaPixel and had to get in touch with Shane Arsenault about his amazing achievement. Arsenault is a student at Alberta College of Art and Design, in his 4th year graduating with a Bachelor of Design majoring in Photography. Arsenault has covered a range of mediums within photography working with […]

52 Photo Tips – #4: Always Carry a Notebook – Stephen Dowling

There’s two bits of kit that are vital when you’re starting out in film photography. It’s not something that you need to buy from a camera store, nor order over the internet. You’ll find them in every corner store, and they will cost you next to nothing. A notebook and […]

The World’s First Photo Book from 1843

Anna Atkins was an English botanist and a photographer who is often considered the first women to have created a photograph (Constance Fox Talbot is another name that comes up in the discussion regarding the earliest known female photographer), as well as being the first person to publish a book illustrated with […]

World Record Cyanotype Print

In January artists Jaden Hastings and Melanie King where chosen to serve as artists-in-residence for The Story of Light Festival in Goa, India! Their goal was to create the largest Cyanotype in the world in which their succeed creating a huge 6 x 10 meter print! The Cyanotype process is a 170 year old photographic printing process that […]

52 Photo Tips – #3: Always carry black and white – Stephen Dowling

  Going from colour to black and white is a cinch for digital photographers – one click of a button and they’re suddenly capturing the world in mono. You might think that it’s almost as easy for film photographers too – wait until you’ve scanned your film, then use Photoshop […]

“Photographs”: A short Animation about an Old Lady and a Polaroid Camera

“Photographs” an undergraduate animation created in 2010 by Brendan Clogher and Christina Manrique is a  heartwarming 6-minute short film, about an elderly woman who stumbles upon a old Polaroid camera and decides to use it to relive moments of her younger days. Information: Digitalrev

“Belly of the Beast” – Markus Andersen

    “Belly of the Beast,” is a beautifully put together 16-minute mini-documentary by Rob Norton that looks at the work of Sydney-based street photographer Markus Andersen. The video features Andersen talking about his thought process and love for film photography! His practice encompasses documentary and street using analogue 35mm, 120 film and […]

Michael Kenna: France – Beetles + Huxley Gallery

Widely held to be the most important landscape photographer of his generation, Michael Kenna is lauded for his unerring ability to capture the magic and ethereality of the landscape. Having travelled extensively to seek out places of sublime beauty, Kenna has returned to France throughout his career, drawn to the […]



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