Canon AS-1

As the underwater part of the Canon Sure Shot series of point and shoot cameras the AS-1 can find itself up to 5 meters underwater and features a close up setting which will allow you to take photos from 0.45-1 meter away.

Similar in design to the classic little Sure Shot AF-7 the AS-1 also features a super large viewfinder, making it a breeze taking photos even through swimming goggles. It’s waterproof design and eye catching aesthetic have made the AS-1 a desirable little point and shoot for in or out of water.

With it’s simple front wheel controls and autofocus lens the AS-1 is a great camera for those who’d like a simple point and shoot which is ready for adventures above or below sea level at day or night.

This Sure Shot AS-1 will come with it’s original red case and strap.


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