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What it Covers?
Mechanical or Electronic faults your camera may develop over one year from date of purchase. 
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Sadly, we can't cover any cosmetic issues, or anything we deem to be due to negligence or accidental damage E.g scratching the lens, dropping your camera or sitting on it.
*We will always do our best to find a solution that works for everyone, but we have to say the decision of our trusted repair people is final.

Kodak Pony 135


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A 35mm viewfinder bakelite beauty from Kodak, the Pony 135. A super simple viewfinder camera with the addition of one of Kodak’s better glass lenses for a surprisingly sharp results.

The Pony 135’s shutter speed and aperture are both set on the cameras lens and you’ll need to estimate the distance before you start to shoot away. There isn’t a built in light meter in this one so you might want to grab yourself a hand held meter to make sure your photos are exposed properly for this one but soon enough you’ll be shooting without, on the plus side this means you don’t need any batteries!

Kodak’s Pony 135 would be a suitable little camera for those who are looking for a vintage viewfinder which although won’t create the highest quality of images will still give good result, is really fun to use and looks brilliant.


Good overall with some signs of wear from use


51mm ƒ4.5 Kodak Anaston

Shutter Speeds

Bulb- 200th of a second