1 Year Warranty!

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We're a little different from your usual camera shop. We only started selling camera's after being bombarded with requests for a shop that sold honest priced, working & guaranteed cameras.

We started in 2010 from a market stall in Brick Lane, London & quickly went on to open our own shop.  
What it Covers?
Mechanical or Electronic faults your camera may develop over one year from date of purchase. 
What it doesn't?
Sadly, we can't cover any cosmetic issues, or anything we deem to be due to negligence or accidental damage E.g scratching the lens, dropping your camera or sitting on it.
*We will always do our best to find a solution that works for everyone, but we have to say the decision of our trusted repair people is final.

Pentax MX


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A great camera for those with small hands (or who just want a littler, lighter SLR) and those who are looking to learn to shoot fully manually.

We aren’t massive fans of LED lights in our viewfinders, but this has to be the exception. There’s a simple traffic light light meter within the viewfinder with red meaning no and green meaning go, simple as that!

Unlike some other SLRs this one will function without batteries but the meter does require one, meaning if your good at reading light and your camera is well looked after you are an unstoppable pair.

Fitted with the classic 50mm ƒ2 Pentax lens, a great little set up.


Good overall condition with some minor signs of wear.


50mm ƒ1.7 Pentax Lens

Shutter Speed

Bulb- 1000th of a second


2x LR44






Hot Shoe Mount