Rollei 35 B

From the series of brilliantly little viewfinder cameras which were, at one point, the smallest full frame 35mm camera ever produced.

With it’s retractable 40mm ƒ3.5 lens and built in selenium light meter this one really is a fantastic pocket sized camera. This one features the Triotar lens and due to the light meter being selenium this one doesn’t need any batteries. Remember to always wind the camera on before you retract the lens as this will go on to break the camera. Also when pulling the lens out of shutting it make sure to press the little button on the left.

We’re huge fans of the Rollei 35 series, not just because they are great cameras but because they’re a great example of a hugely portable little camera which really can pack a punch.

This one in particular will come with it’s lens cap and case.


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