Barbara Wilson: Master of the Craft

“The very first time in the darkroom I knew this was the place for me and I never wanted to leave.”

Introducing the fantastic Barb Wilson, with a career spanning 30 years and clients including Nick Knight, The Lichfield archive & Gered Mankowitz to name a few, it’s fair to say she’s considered a master of the craft.

Barb currently operates from her darkroom in Seven Sisters, London and offers BW Developing & Contact sheets alongside her incredible printing skills.

Her pricing is very fair so if your looking to have your work taken to the next level do get in touch.

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© Gered Mankowitz



© James Sparshatt



© Jillian Edelstein



© Gered Mankowitz



“The Hendrix with the white background by Mankowitz, I bleached the background to make him stand out more.”