Fabio Gräni – For The Love

Introducing Swiss based photographer Fabio Gräni, the 10th winner of our competition, ‘For the Love’  in collaboration with Kodak Alaris.

After countless entries we had to give it to Gräni for this striking shot. A great example of street photography, Gräni has managed to perfectly catch a moment, not only in time but also light. Multiple components form to create intricacies within this photograph that make it not only intriguing but also abstract. Thanks to bright light and high aperture Gräni has highlighted just enough to reveal this great character, but kept enough of him hidden to keep the eye engaged. We particularly love how his bag, hat & cigarette pop whilst his face remains distant.

We caught up with Fabio and speak to him about how his winning photo came about, how he got into photography and why he decides to shoot film…


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