Olympus mju II

One of, if not our most popular 35mm point and shoot cameras. The mju II is fast on track to gaining cult status and becoming as desired and respected as the Yashica T4 (thanks Terry).

With it’s fast 35mm ƒ2.8 lens it’s a great camera for low light and performs amazingly with it’s super fast, super clear, autofocus lens. As the follow up to the mju, the mju II had weather proofing added and is arguably one of the lightest and smallest 35mm point and shoot cameras out there.

The ease of use of the mju II along with it’s wide aperture lens and pocket sized design makes it a brilliant camera to have on you all the time, especially with the addition of the all weather proofing. It’s our personal favourite 35mm point and shoot camera and it’s ease of use and iconic design just makes this camera one of the greats.





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What it Covers?
Mechanical or Electronic faults your camera may develop over one year from date of purchase. 
What it doesn't?
Sadly, we can't cover any cosmetic issues, or anything we deem to be due to negligence or accidental damage E.g scratching the lens, dropping your camera or sitting on it.
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