Helmut Newton’s SUMO – The Making of the Most Expensive Book

“The biggest and most expensive book production from the 20th century”

Limited edition of 10,000 copies worldwide, each signed and numbered by Helmut NewtonIncludes a bookholder designed by Philippe Starck.

SUMO is a titanic book in every respect: it’s a tribute to the twentieth century’s most influential, intriguing and controversial photographer, Helmut Newton. Measuring 50 x 70 cm (20 x 27.5 inches) and weighing approx. 30 kg (66 lb.), the book contains 464 pages, breaking any previous record, making this book the largest and most expensive book costing a staggering £9,000. SUMO is a truly unique publication, a larger than life book that portrays Newton’s work in the most beautiful and bold way.

SUMO, edited by June Newton (his wife), features a wide selection of over 400 pictures, most of which were published for the first time in this book, covering every aspect of Newton’s outstanding career in photography: from his stunning fashion photographs, which pointed the way for generations of photographers, to his nudes and celebrity portraits. All copies of SUMO are of a limited editions of 10,000 copies, all numbered and signed by the man titled as the “King of Kink”.

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