Michael Jackson: Poppit Sands – Beetles + Huxley

POPPIT SANDS, 11TH FEBRUARY, 2009 JACKSON, MICHAEL (Born 1966) © Michael Jackson/ Beetles + Huxley


28 April – 10 May 2014



3-5 Swallow Street

Opening Times:

Admission: Free

For Further Information: 020 7434 4319/ gallery@beetlesandhuxley.com

Michael Jackson has dedicated the past 7 years to photographing the Pembrokeshire coast the resulting images are out of this world!

Michael Jackson born (1966) is a contemporary photographer from the UK currently living in Wales. His ongoing project ‘Poppit Sands’ explores the intriguing shapes and textures that this remote beach on the Pembrokeshire Coast has to offer. Through a long term relationship with this ever changing subject, Jackson has captured the landscape like never before, creating semi-abstracted works of art which each show the coast in a totally unique and profound way.

Jackson’s photographs are produced using a 40 year old Hasselblad camera, the negatives from which are used to create traditional darkroom prints, with no digital interference. His pictures have been compared to moonscapes due to their peculiar tones and shapes, sea water transformed into pools of black mercury sitting amongst a silver terrain.

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