500 Cameras: 170 Years of Photographic Innovation

‘The collection has over 8000 cameras, so of course picking 500 is a bit of a challenge. Right off the bat I started with those that are historically important, and that covers a lot of categories. Some were large selling products, others were milestones or ‘firsts’.’

Drawing from the rich archives of the famously known George Eastman House, brings you a expansive guide to nearly 200 years of photographic invention and innovation. This book by Todd Gustavson is richly visual and wonderfully informative, it showcases 500 groundbreaking cameras from the museum’s collection, that forever changed our perception of the world. Each section begins with an introduction offering an insightful analysis of the type of cameras that are featured, such as the subminiatures. Todd Gustavson, curator of technology at the George Eastman House, organises the cameras into genealogical categories, from detective to digital, stereo to sub-miniature. You’ll be able to see curiosities like stereoscopic cameras, postcard cameras and spy cameras hidden in watches, buttons and fountain pens. Also included in this ground breaking book reveals essays by experts in the field, such as Robert Shanebrook, Martin Scott and Mark Osterman, trace the technological development of the camera and provide insight into the innovators behind the lens. Below is a video clip of Gustavson explaining about what is concealed within the book. To find out about Gustavson’s another book called Camera: A history of Photography from Daguerreotype to Digital please click Here. If you would like to purchase the book please click Here.