A new addition to the Darkroom.

Film’s not Dead is very pleased to declare that Ilford will be releasing the first new Ilford B&W Silver Gelatine Paper for 13 years!

ILFORD MULTIGRADE ART 300. HARMAN technology is delighted to announce the introduction of a new silver gelatine photographic paper which was produced in co-operation with Hahnemühle FineArt Gmb. 18 months ago the project started, which on took extensive consultation with printers and photographers, when a survey of users identified the need for a true fine art based paper with a MULTIGRADE silver gelatine coating.

To find out more about the Paper follow the link.

Steven Brierley, Director of Sales and Marketing at HARMAN, says ‘It seemed to me that if we could meet this clearly identified need we would please many and significantly widen the choice for those who wish to use silver gelatine papers when making fine art B&W prints. By offering a true fine art textured matt paper with a MULTIGRADE coating we believe we have met their needs and expanded the range of paper surfaces available today’

’This silver gelatine paper is a true fine art product and we were delighted when Hahnemühle agreed to help us by producing a special paper base. The brief was clear, 100% cotton rag paper base, acid free but with the wet strength needed to survive the archival washing required when making fine art prints – all of which have been met’

Users of the new ILFORD MULTIGRADE Art 300 will find it a pleasure to use with many of the benefits for which ILFORD MULTIGRADE papers are acclaimed for. The new surface produces a matt fine art print, that has both a texture and what some users have described as an eggshell sheen. Compared to ILFORD FB (baryta) the papers have slightly shorter wash times, and it can easily be handled in large sheets thanks to its 300 GSM weight.

The product will be branded as ILFORD MULTIGRADE Art 300 and will be available in sizes from 5 x7 up to 20 x 24 inch packed in boxes of 10/15/30/50 sheets. (Roll size and availability to be announced soon. Keep checking Process Supplies for UK stores release date.) The launch date for the UK market is 4th April 2011. Here are a few quotes from some of the users:

“I’d just like to say that I LURVE it.
It’s a very easy paper to work with: you can “throw “ exposure at it and it seems to come up looking lush and lovely with good blacks, sensitive shadow areas and responds as it should to all the usual burning and dodging without fuss. It has all that lovely Kentmere Art Classic inky black texture when dried and the paper weight seems to be heavier than normal. It seleniums beautifully whether split or full, to a nice chocolaty brown and dries perfectly without overly much “drying down”. I give it a mighty thumbs up, as soon as it’s in production I’ll be buying the larger sizes” Robin Bell, London.

“This new art paper is, in my opinion, the most exciting paper I’ve seen since the launch of ILFORD MULTIGRADE FB WARMTONE in 1997. To hear about the launch of a paper which is ideally suited to an artistic use or interpretation – especially in times of austerity is a welcome surprise.
I was fortunate to be able to try some pre release samples and fell in love with the paper immediately. It has a wonderfully heavy base, a beautiful colour and responds better than any other paper I know in split toning in Selenium. I am planning on doing a series of paper negative images specifically for printing on the paper.” Andrew Sanderson, Photographer and Master Printer – Holmfirth, England.

All in all Silver Gelatine lives. FILM’S NOT DEAD.