RETO3D : A New 3D Camera!

RETO3d is a new 3D camera, it’s successfully funded via Kickstarter and should be launching this summer! Building on the success of the classic stereographic cameras such as the Nimslo and the Nishika N800 the camera features 3 lenses that takes 3 photo’s at the same time, after scanning the […]

Polaroid & Impossible are up to something…

Polaroid have just launched a potentially huge announcement scheduled for next week (September 13th). Their website now features a looped teaser (some shown below), hinting back to it’s analogue roots. Not only did Polaroid make this teaser but Impossible also put out an announcement saying “We’re Going Dark” with their website […]

What Happened to Portra?

In light of what’s happened so far this year, we thought it would be a great time to catch up with Lars Fiedler of Kodak Alaris about how things are going, their big announcement, and where has our beloved Portra been hiding? You may remember the name Lars Fiedler from […]


  2017 has already got off to a bang! Kodak has officially announced the return of the much loved iconic Kodak Ektachrome film! The announcement was made at CES in Las Vegas by Kodak Alaris, the off shoot company that was set up in 2013 to protect, and owned by […]

Introducing the Leica Sofort Instant Camera

  Leica to move into instant photography with their first instant camera, the Leica Sofort.     With the new arrival of Instax Monochrome film this month, there is more exciting news to add to the instant community from an unlikely company. Leica have officially revealed a new addition to […]

Fujifilm announces B&W Instax Mini Monochrome Film

Great news for Instax/instant shooters! Fujifilm announced yesterday that they’re going to be introducing a new Instax instant film in black-and-white called ‘Instax Mini Film Monochrome’, which is aiming to hit the shelves October 2016. Fujfilm’s says: “The ‘Instax Mini Film Monochrome responds to the increasingly sophisticated demands of users. Enabling them to […]

New Film – Japan Camera Hunter Branded film – StreetPan 400

Japan Camera Hunter aka Bellamy Hunt who is known for his blog that’s dedicated to Japan’s photographic scene and analog photography. As of last week he announced some fantastic news that he’s made his very own branded film. Introducing JCH StreetPan 400! The film is a black and white stock that was […]

Oriental Seagull is Back with a Brand New Film!

  Exciting news for the analogue community, Japanese black and white photo paper / distributor Cyber Graphics is set to release a new 35mm black and white film in Japan under the much loved and missed Oriental Seagull brand. This fantastic news was announced on Tokyo Camera Style yesterday stating: “New Seagull […]

CineStill 120 Film Campaign is Back!

  The future for film since the digital revolution has never looked so bright, with the beginning of the year starting with a surprise from Kodak when their revealed their Kodak Super 8 camera, and the record shattering Star Wars Episode VII being captured on film, helping Kodak motion film to […]

The Filmomat – A homemade Automatic film processor

  Most of us analogue photographers want an easier way to develop our films but German photographer Lukas Fritz took it into his own hands taking home developing to another level. He calls it the Filmomat which he spent a year designing and building. It’s a fully automatic film processor that […]

National Park Asks Photographer to Shoot Large Format Film

We think this has to be the dream job! A photographic job that actually requests the photographer to shoot with large format film. The National Parks Service is looking to hire a black-and-white large format photographer, and the salary is up to $100,000 per year. This is not the first […]

Using a Minox Spy camera for Wet Plates!

When it comes to wet plate photography how small can one really go? In Anton Orlov’s case as small as 8x11mm tintypes using the legendary old Minox subminiature camera — a model A III from the 1950s. Orlov kindly explained to us about his journey to using this camera for such a […]

Introducing IMPOSSIBLE’s new 8×10 instant colour film

All large format photographers rejoice, Impossible have just released their new 8×10 colour film! The pack comes with 10 large format colour sheets, for use with an 8×10 camera, Polaroid film holder and processor. You can order directly from Impossible today with a single pack starting at £139 and a […]

Julia Margaret Cameron to be next face of the £20.00 Note?

Who do you want to see on the next £20.00 note? As some of you may know the Bank Of England has decided to ask the people who’d they’d like on the next version of the note. This could be English Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron as the next face for […]

Introducing a new film – Foma Retropan 320 Soft

  We’re so excited to announce that Foma, the 1921 Czech Republic B&W photographic company have revealed a new film will be coming out very soon! RETROPAN 320 soft is a panchromatically sensitized special negative black and white film with fine grain, good resolution and contour sharpness. The film is characterized […]

Teaching Literacy & Maths through pinholes!

  At school I always hated maths and constiently struggled with it, it never engaged me. Yet wouldn’t it be lovely if you could learn the subjects most kids find boring in a physical and creative way? When we came across this project that David Kendall (director of Fotosynethesis – […]

Keira Knightley Supports Film Photographers!

Actress Keira Knightley some weeks ago did a controversial interview and shoot with Interview Magazine in which she posed topless on the condition they wouldn’t Photoshop her body before publishing the final shot. While this has been a heated topic of debate on the excessive use of Photoshop there was one comment about photographers […]

Save BDI Darkroom!

Anyone who has been to BDI darkroom will know it’s one of the most iconic colour darkrooms in London and has been rooted in Old Street for the last 33 years. It’s seen the likes of Anton Corbijn, Nick Knight, Norman Parkinson and many many more well known photographers walk […]

Introducing “CineStill 50Daylight” – Fine Grain Colour Negative Film

Apart from working extremely hard on their kickstarter campaign for the new Cinestill Medium Format film, the company has also brought out another film! Introducing their second colour negative film to the family, CineStill 50Daylight Xpro C-41 in 35mm is now available to pre-order. Read below for a full statement from CineStill about […]

100 More Years of Analogue Film – FILM Ferrania (UPDATE)

  Update: A huge congratulations to FILM Ferrania you made it! This amazing company is back on track to re-make the beloved Ferrania film, they’ve reached their pledged kickstarter amount! FILM’S NOT DEAD. ————————————————————————– “Help FILM Ferrania build the factory of the future and the first batch of film is your […]

Film’s Not Dead: Medium Format CineStill Film

“Making a tungsten balanced still photography material to be used in the millions of Medium Format cameras worldwide.”   More amazing film news!!! If these last couple of weeks haven’t been enough for you with the release of the new Leica M-A Camera, the new Instax Fujfilm Camera as well as Cinestill film bringing out […]

Fuji Announces The New Instax Wide 300

[column size=one_half position=first ] [/column] [column size=one_half position=last ]  FUJIFILM North America Corporation announced today an expansion of the popular INSTAX line of instant film cameras with the new INSTAX Wide 300. The redesigned Instax Wide 300 a large format Instant camera uses 86mm x 108mm Fujifilm INSTAX Instant Colour Film. From next spring the Instax Wide 300 will be available […]

Introducing CineStill bwXX (double-x) 35mm

CineStill Film have done it again, by introducing a new film: CineStill bwXX (double-X) 36 exp. 35mm black and white film! This is fantastic news, as over the last couple of years there’s been a very steady growing revival to shoot on film, with such companies like Ferrania starting to […]

VIDDY: The baby brother of the Videre Camera

  “VIDDY is the world’s cutest DIY medium format & 35mm pinhole camera. It’s fun, educational and takes less than 30 minutes to make!” Last year we showed you the amazing VIDERE Pop Up Pinhole camera that created a huge buzz on Kickstarter! It was unique, educational and easy to […]

Ansel Adam’s View Camera to Be Auctioned!

[column size=one_half position=first ] [/column] [column size=one_half position=last ] Own a piece of history. Legendary landscape photographer Ansel Adam’s, known for his exceptional black-and-white images, helped to establish photography as a fine art. Adam’s Arca-Swiss 5 X 4 view camera outfit, used by the man himself from about 1964 until 1968, […]

100 Years of Leica: A new Leica M-A film camera!

This year has been a very big year for the iconic German camera company Leica. In March Leica had reached its 100th year as a manufacturer of it’s beautifully precise photographic equipment. The company’s very first camera — Ur-Leica — was completed by Oskar Barnack in March 1914. In honour […]

35mm Film on 120 Spool – Clint O’Connor

Last year we shared Clint O’Connor’s unique 3D printed pinhole camera called the Flyer 6×6. We’re super excited to be able to now share with you his newly funded 35mm film adapter for use in 120 medium format cameras. By using this you’ll be able to use a 35mm film in […]

ILFORD’S Ultra Large Format Film is Back

Ilford ULF sheet film, Custom & Specialist Film Manufacture 2014 – is back, the window is now openfor the ninth year in succession, HARMAN technology Limited, manufacturer of ILFORD black and white photographic products, is once again opening a sales window for its ultra large format (ULF) sheet film and […]

“Brownie In Motion”: A Giant Traveling Brownie Target Six-16

Brownie In Motion is a beautiful hand made large-scale art installation, analogue darkroom, and real functioning Brownie Target Six-16 camera designed by artist Stephen Takacs!  The Brownie without a doubt has got to be one of the most significant cameras in photographic history. It was able to bring photography to anyone […]

Clube do Analógico

Clube do Analógico Rua Arruda Alvim, 195, São Paulo – Brazil +55 11 3083-2461 Welcome to Clube do Analógico Oh Londoners, you are so lucky. Analogue photography is alive and kicking all around the UK, with darkrooms, cameras and films easily available (with a little help from Film’s not Dead, of […]

The New55 Film is nearly here!

 New55 FILM is a new instant 4×5 film that produces a superb negative, and a positive print too   FILM’S NOT DEAD! The arrival of the New55 Film is finally here and it needs your support to get it off the ground to make film history. We’ve been following the […]

Get your Cheque books out! Hasselblad’s moon camera goes under the hammer

Out of the 14 Hasselblad cameras used on the moon during the Apollo Missions the only one that made it there and back in one piece is expected to sell for a staggering  €150,000! This has by far got to be the most exciting camera to have ever been auctioned […]

The Polaroid Museum Project

One of the most recognisable photographic brands in the world, Polaroid has decided to pay tribute to their historical company, which at the time revolutionised the way that we took photographs as well as shaping are photographic lives today. In an effort to keep the legacy alive the people from […]

The Winner of the “Do Not Crop” Competition is……

Jefferson Chang Congratulations to Jefferson Chang for winning the “Do Not Crop” competition! This mind boggling shot was taken on 29 rolls of Kodak TMax 400. A goodie bag of Kodak film and other Film’s not Dead goodies will be coming your way very soon! Thank you so much to everyone […]

A 3D Printed Pinhole Camera – Clint O’Connor

“Pinhole – a 3D printed camera. Get one or print your own – either way, take magical photographs from a new, yet old perspective.” We have seen many wonderful camera creations over the years but this is something completely new to us. Clint O’Connor from Austin, Texas has mixed old school […]

The World’s Largest Camera: Butterflies & Buffalo – Tales of American Culture

“We are but a flash in time. Our cultures were here long before us and they will remain here long after we are gone…if we keep the dream alive.” – Dennis Manarchy The camera we have all been waiting for is finally here and it’s more beautiful than we could’ve […]

Film’s not Dead in Conversation with Kodak Alaris

We’re sure your all aware of the up and downs Kodak has been going through over the last year or so. Finally one of our beloved film manufactures is back on track and has formed a new company under the name of Kodak Alaris. We were lucky enough to catch […]

The World’s Largest Photograph Needs Your Help

  The largest photograph in the world needs your help! The Legacy Project Team who organised the making of this fantastic photograph are looking for funding to bring this enormous and powerful picture to be exhibited at the annual PhotoNOLA 2013 in New Orleans. Here is what The Legacy Project […]

Dear Film’s not Dead fans… – A Letter from Kodak Alaris

20/09/13   We received an email from the Kodak Alaris team this afternoon with this letter addressed to you guys attached.   I guess it speaks for itself, but we can say that  this a fantastic step for the film we love and know, and its great to have the reassurance […]

The Winner of “The Box Brownie” Competition is…..

   Siim Vahur Congratulations to Siim Vahur on winning “The Box Brownie” competition! Vahur’s picture was taken using a Kodak box Brownie No.2 shot on Kodak Vericolor 160, which expired in 1996. A goodie bag of Kodak film and other Film’s not Dead goodies will be coming your way very […]

The Photo Palaces next journey – Pan American Wet Plate Survey

The Photo Palace is on its next journey! We have been following Anton Orvlov’s brilliant journeys on his trusty Gilli Bus since the beginning and it has grown into something truly special. The Photo Palace bus is an old school bus that has been converted into a living breathing darkroom where […]

Vivian Maier: Who Took Nanny’s Pictures – BBC Documentary

February 1, 1926 – April 21, 2009 Airing: Tuesday 25.06.13 Time: 10:35pm (Duration 1 hour, 10 minutes) Channel: BBC One “People found it hard to believe that Mary Poppins with a camera could have taken these pictures. It’s a classic parable of the artist, unsung in life.” BBC – Alan Yentob How […]

Lumu – A Light Meter for the iPhone (Updated)

Lumu: A tiny high sensitivity digital light sensor to change your iPhone/Android into a light meter by just placing it into your headphone jack.     We have been waiting with held breathes for the announcement of this phenomenal design to be launched and finally the day is here! Lumu is a tiny (coin […]

The Winner of “The Kodak Moment” Competition is…..

Guillaume Périmony – “Burmese Days” Congratulations Périmony, a goodie bag of Kodak film and other Film’s not Dead goodies will be coming your way very soon! Thank you everyone who entered into this competition, we had an overwhelming amount of entries, it was really hard making our decision! Look out over the next […]

Ilford Obscura Pure Pinhole Camera (Update)

Ilford has gained quite a bit of a reputation for creating weird, wonderful and innovative ways to make analogue photography even more enjoyable! They are back with a another new camera up for grabs, and they have confirmed that they should be releasing it just after Easter 2013. The new […]

A Signed print of Eisenstaedt’s “Kiss in Times Square” and Leica sold for nearly £120,000

“It’s more important to click with people than click the shutter” – Alfred Eisenstaedt One of the most historical and iconic photographs symbolising the end of World War II is known world wide as the “Kiss in Times Square”, a beautifully and compelling photograph by one of the greatest pioneers of modern […]

Ilford’s Ultra Large Format and Specialty Films Now Available to Order!

It is that glorious time of year everyone when Ilford roll up their sleeves and begin to make an array of delicious Ultra Large Format Film! Now with their biggest ever offering yet (65 + items) As of from yesterday (May 13th) until Friday the 28th of June, Ilford will […]

World Wide Pinhole Day 2013

April 28, 2013 It’s that time of year everyone to start getting your pinhole cameras ready because it is World Wide Pinhole Day! This is a fantastic event that takes place each year on the last Sunday in April, where anyone and everyone from anywhere in the world can enter […]

Videre: The Pop-Up Pinhole Project – Kelly Angood (Updated)

“Make your own medium format camera and learn about pinhole photography in style!” The remarkable DIY Pinhole camera designed by Kelly Angood is back with a whole new layout! About two years ago we wrote a post about Angood who was making her own cardboard pinhole Hasselblad with an attached PDF, […]

Dwayne’s Photo – A Documentary about the last lab to process Kodachrome

Filmmaker Sarah George is asking for your help, to help her achieve her funding of $12,000 to create a short documentary portrait entirely shoot on film called DWAYNE’S PHOTO. This documentary is about Dwayne Steinle and his family run photo lab in Parsons, Kansas, and how it became the last place on […]

Artists Set Up Walk-In Camera Obscura in New York City Park

A pair of artists created a life-sized, 10-foot by 10-foot camera obscura installation in a popular New York City park as part of an effort to educate the public about one of the world’s oldest photographic devices. The pair have named it, “Topsy-Turvy: A Camera Obscura Installation.” The art project was created by […]

The ILFORD HARMAN TiTAN 8×10 Pinhole Camera is here…..

“BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU!” More great news from Ilford! Following from their successful launch of the HARMAN TiTAN 4 x 5 inch Pinhole Camera in 2011 a prototype 8 x 10 camera was shown at Focus on Imaging 2012 receiving great reaction from visitors, now Ilford is ready to […]

IMAGOphotour: World’s biggest mobile Self-Portrait Camera

The world’s only life-size 1:1 walk-in camera, on a journey to make it travel the world as the IMAGOphotour. This is not just an over sized pinhole camera, it is a unique and brilliantly designed camera based on a special objective, conceived by an inventor and physicist, Werner Kraus, that […]

The Darkroom on Wheels – The Photo Palace Bus Revisited

  The Photo Palace Bus is back, and with a new campaign to make the bus even more magical! A year ago we wrote a post about the fastinating darkroom on wheels called The Photo Palace Bus. It is a one of a kind orginal 35ft 1978 Gillig school bus […]

In Memory of Japanese Photographer Shomei Tomatsu

16th of January 1930  – 14th of December 2012 Shomei Tomatsu became well known throughout his career as one of the most influential Japanese photographers of his era. He was 82 when he died December 14th from complications of pneumonia, his London gallerist has confirmed. Tomatsu, was one of the leading […]

Harman roll the clock back 50 years!

 HARMAN roll the clock back 50 years! HARMAN technology Ltd invest in cassette manufacturing facility ILFORD PHOTO has not made cassettes for 35mm photographic film in the UK since the early 1960’s. Since the rise of digital imaging the reliable supply of quality film cassettes from external supply sources has […]

Ilford’s New Disposable Cameras!

Great news film lovers there’s a new camera on the block from ILFORD! The new Single Use cameras which comes in two film choices, each giving up to 27 exposures. The ILFORD XP2 Super Single Use Camera gives the convenience of being able to have the film processed at any […]

Cornel Lucas: One of the Pioneers of Film Portraiture, Dies at 92

September 12, 1920 – November 8, 2012   “It was on a very foggy October day I remember and a butler opened the door and I was asked to go to the parlour to have tea and I waited and then Cecil Beaton appeared and he said ‘what can I do for you?’, […]

Over 600 Unknown Prints of Ansel Adams Found in a UC Berkeley Library

Until February 28th Fiat Lux Redux: Ansel Adams and Clark Kerr Bancroft Library Gallery, University Of California  Berkeley, CA 94720, United States Opening Times: 10am – 4pm, Monday – Friday Admission: FREE For further information:  (510) 642-3782.  A significant and rare collection of signed prints by American photographer and environmentalist Ansel Adams have been discovered […]

‘Their Golden Years’: American Athletes of the 1948 Olympic Games – Damon Winter

Before the start of the London Olympic Games Damon Winter, a New York Times photographer, embarked on an intriguing project entitled Their Golden Years, where the Times tracked down former athletes who represented the United States of America during the 1948 Olympic games to take part in having their portrait taken by […]

John Stezaker wins the Deutsche Borse Photography Prize 2012

The Photographers Gallery 16 – 18 Ramillies Street, London W1F 7LW Monday – Saturday 10.00 – 18.00 Thursday 10.00 – 20.00 Sunday 11.30 – 18.00 Admission: FREE For further information: +44 (0)20 7087 9300/ The Photographers Gallery has announced that the British artist John Stezaker has won the Deutsche Borse Photography […]

Try stocking your fridge with this – The World Record for the most Film!

Flat 14B, Redana Centre 25 Yiu Wa St. Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Tel: +852.25753355 Analogue fanatics, forget camera porn, Ying Nga Chow (CC Cecilia) has managed to collect the largest collection of unprocessed camera film in the world! The collection ranges from recent film right through to legendary and repackaged films […]

‘Magnum has lost a point of reference, a lighthouse, and one of our most influential and beloved members – Martine Franck

2 April 1938 – 16th August 2012 “My grandfather killed himself falling off the dike in Ostend while photographing my two cousins. This can happen so easily when looking through a lens: for a split second nothing else exists outside the frame…”   On the 16th of August the sad […]

A Pentax ME Super camera converted to a Slit-Scan

James Guerin, a photographer decided to attempt to make his very own slit-scan attached to a Pentax ME Super, and as you can see from the fantastic results below, it proved to be possible.  A “Slit-scan” is a specalised technique where a moveable slide, into which a slit has been cut, […]

The World’s First Wet Plate iPhone?

The iPlate Have you been looking for a unique iPhone skin or case to show your love for analogue photography? Yes you can buy cases that try to ’emulate’ film but it is no where near as good as the real thing. Photographer Jake Potts took it to the next […]

Glamour of the Gods – Hollywood stars of the 1920s – 1950s comes to the iPad

Glamour of the Gods, which was shown last year in a stunning exhibition put on by the National Portrait Gallery and produced by Steidl as a book, has now been translated into a phenomenal iPad app, that complies over 230 stunning images from the extensive John Kobal Foundation. Such photographers work […]

Your body can act as a camera too!

“‘I turn myself inside out.’ With fellow student Josh Lake, photographic 35mm film was eaten, digested, excreted out, and then washed. The damage and traces left on the emulsion surface were examined through a scanning electron microscope.” Are you daring enough to eat a strip of film to display the contents of your body? I think […]

Leica have done it again – New world record for most expensive camera

 ‘For the 5th time the world record for the most expensive camera ever sold was broken at a WestLicht auction in Vienna’    On the 12th of May the old Leica 0-Series camera was sold for €2,160,000″ With a starting price of €300,000, the Leica 0-series was a rare test camera built in 1923. […]

War Photographer Horst Faas dies at the age of 79

Horst Faas was known as one of the finest war photographers of his era, and this acknowledgement of his haunting yet truthfully shot photographs brought him to win two Pulitzer prizes in 1965 and 1972. Yet he won his legendary status more as a pictures editor and leader who groomed his […]

Get a 20 minute portrait done in the traditional way

Photobooth 1193 Valencia Street @ 23rd San Francisco, CA 94110 415-824-1248 Store Hours:      Wed 1-7pm      Thur – Sun 1-9pm Tintype Hours:      Thurs – Sat 2-8pm      Sun 2-6pm This is normally a rare treat for some people to be able to take or […]

World Wet Plate Day

May 5th 2012 The day to pour collodion on to a plate is here – World Wet Plate Day is an important day to celebrate the work of practicing artists who work with this beautiful and delicate photographic method. Wet Plate Collodion is the photographic process of pouring Collodion onto […]

Tate doubles it’s photography collection after generous donation

Henri Cartier-Bresson – Waiting in Trafalgar Square for the coronation parade of King George VI 1937 © Henri Cartier-Bresson / Magnum Photos. The Tate has received a very generous donation from a extensive collection of 1400 photographs of London, that includes photographs by over 120 different photographers. This collection will significantly double […]

Kodak’s future is looking slightly brighter….

Just three months after this world renowned company filed for bankruptcy protection, the Rochester-based firm is now reporting an increased cash balance and improved profitability, but is still facing increasing losses across its businesses. “During the quarter, we took decisive steps – including filing for Chapter 11 and exiting unprofitable […]

Descendants of Light: American Photographers of Jewish Ancestry

Penny Wolin, is a compelling American Photographer who has been documenting Jewish civilization in America for many years. Now, she  is preparing her latest project entitled  ‘Descendants of Light: American Photographers of Jewish Ancestry.’ She has traveled back and forth across America photographing influential Jewish American photographers. Her Kickstarter funding campaign, […]

The day for celebrating Pinhole Cameras

Worldwide Pinhole Day   29th April, 2012   The 29th of April is a day to celebrate and to take part in Worldwide Pinhole, to let your imagination of what a camera should be run wild, to see everything and anything be turned into a camera. Anyone, anywhere in the […]

The all seeing eye – Rare extreme wide-angle Nikkor lens goes on sale

A rare fisheye Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 lens, which offers the “world’s most extreme wide-angle” and is worth £100,000, has gone on sale at Gray’s of Westminster in London. In 1970 Nikon stunned the world of photography by first introducing at the Photokina trade show in Cologne, Germany, the Fisheye-Nikkor 6mm […]

A bin is not just for rubbish…..

The Trashcam Project   A group of dustbin men from Germany have converted large dumpsters into working pinhole cameras.  A small group of enthusiastic dustbin men in Hamburg have figured out a way to combine their love of photography with their work of throwing away rubbish, converting the large 1.100 […]

England’s Largest Camera

A handmade, six foot high by seven foot camera, creates negatives that are 22″x26″ in size. This beautifully hand crafted beast of a camera was made by Tim Pearse a 3rd year BA photography student from Plymouth College of Art; it took him five months to build, where he spent long hours in […]

William Klein receives Outstanding Contribution Photography Award

The World Photography Organisation has announced that legendary photographer William Klein will receive the Outstanding Contribution to Photography Award at this year’s Sony World Photography Awards. William Klein will be receiving the award at a ceremony in London on the 26th of April, as well as a retrospective of his work […]

Disposable crisis project

‘Shoot film with a Mission’   This remarkable project (Disposable Crisis Project), set up by Indra Moonen, is about allowing people to express the effect of the economical crisis by documenting what it means to them through the use of a disposable camera. A great feature to this project is that […]

The yellow box is here to stay – Kodak phases digital production out

  Kodak has decided to phase out it’s digital businesses, to keeps film alive!   Kodak has announced that, as part of its “ongoing strategic review,”  that it will stop producing digital cameras, pocket video cameras and digital picture frames, but will continue to invest in its film division. Less […]

The Colossal Camera that will capture Vanishing Cultures

Vanishing Cultures – An America Portrait, The Foundation for the Preservation of American Culture    One photograph, no retakes, no retouching, just a pure honest photograph and a giant camera that will travel 20,000 miles across the US to photograph American Cultures. Vanishing Cultures is an astounding and completely unique […]

A year long exposure?

A 365 day long exposure of Toronto’s skyline – Michael Chrisman This incredible experiment created by photographer Michael Chrisman who used a pinhole camera fitted with photosensitive paper to make a 365-day exposure of the Toronto skyline from January the 1st, 2011, to December the 31st, 2011 to capture a single […]

The Photo Palace Bus

A mobile studio and darkroom – a showcase for the art of film photography – The Photo Palace Bus.   The Photo Palace Bus is a 1978 35ft school bus, which will be converted into a traveling darkroom and attachable studio, acting as an educational and portrait facility; this amazing idea was created […]

Kodak face the rumours…

Kodak has denied the rumours that they were allegedly discontinuing a series of films, in which they have confirmed with the British Journal of Photography, instead what they have decided to do is to modify the way they distribute them. Following the many rumours that Kodak had discontinued a large […]

Bresson’s ‘Decisive Moment’ sets record at Christie’s Auction

Last Friday night 100 timeless photographs by the acclaimed Magnum photographer, Henri Cartier-Bresson’s went on auction at Christie’s in Paris, sold by the Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation, which netted a large sum of €2 million (£1,7).Paris Photo caused a lot of attention to the master’s auction, as Chrstie’s held the event at […]

100 photographs from the Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation – Christie’s Auction

November 11, 2011, Paris, France 6pm Christie’s France 9 Avenue Matignon Paris 75008 France Phone: +33 (0)1 40 76 85 85 Sale: 11th November, 2011 6pm Viewing Times Nov 7 10am – 6pm Nov 8 10am – 6pm Nov 9 10am – 6pm Nov 10 10am – 6pm Nov 11 […]

Billionaire Donates Elliott Erwitt’s Print Archive to Ransom Center.

 An archive of more than 50,000 signed prints that Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt had said he sold “about a year ago” to hedge fund billionaire Israel Englander and his wife, ICP board chair Caryl Englander, have said the archive will now be housed at the Harry Ransom Center at the […]

A new analogue camera?

Harman our going to be releasing a new 5×4 pinhole camera on to the analogue market.   This camera has been designed in conjunction with Walker Cameras who are based in Wales and was the first to unveil it at the Focus on Imaging trade show earlier this year. Yet, […]

Digital Negatives?

 Michael Dyer Associates are offering a unique service for providing black and white negatives from digital files, which is possibly the one of the only lab to be providing this sort of service. The technique involves using hi-res files provided by the client which is then outputed by LED exposure […]

The Impossible made possible – 8×10 Instant Film

Finally it is here, the very first 8×10 integral instant pictures ever, what an amazing achievement!  At the end of 2008 the Impossible project not only managed to rescue the very last Polaroid factory, which was situated in the Netherlands, but they have also created an 8×10 instant film production […]

New Photography Gallery at the V&A

Open October 25th. We are very excited to announce that the V&A Museum will be opening a new photography gallery in the autumn to display its extensive collection. The permanent gallery will open with an exhibition of works by well known photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Man Ray, Diane Arbus and […]

New Color Polaroid Film Released

After 3 years since Polaroid 600 film was discontinued it production, the company Impossible, who brought you the black and white 600 Polaroid film, have now released a new color film for Polaroid 600 cameras and Polaroid SX-70 cameras. The new film, which is named PX 680 Color Shade FF, is a great […]

Worlds most expensive camera (Updated).

“What is the most expensive camera in the world,” when this question is asked you probably imagine a super high-tech digital camera. Yet analogue has won over digital. The worlds most expensive camera was the Daguerreotype camera in 2010. Photographs are produced by making a direct image onto a polished […]

Photographica Fair

Photographica 2011, Britain’s largest annual camera fair. 22nd of May Royal Horticultural Society’s Lindley Hall in Vincent Square, Victoria, Central London. Admission £5 10am – 4.30pm Calling all Classic camera buyers, a week on Sunday is the UK’s largest photographic collectors fair, which will be held in London, Victoria, where […]

A window of oppuntinity.

ULF SHEET FILM 2011 – Supporting users of Ultra Large Format. We are very pleased to announce that Ilford has brought Ultra large format users great news; Harman technology Limited, manufacturer of Ilford black and white photographic products, is once again opening a (‘None Minium order quanity’) window for its […]

World Wet Plate Day

May 1st 2011 This year of the first sunday in May is now booked as World Wet Plate Day 2011, this allows you wet plate lovers to organize your own Wet Plate Day event and let know, by doing this they will put your event in the event list […]

Deutsche Börse Winner is …….

Jim Goldberg Wins the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2011.   Film’s not dead are very pleased to announce that the US Magnum photographer Jim Goldberg has won the 15th Photography Prize Deutsche Börse  2011, which is organised by The Photographers’ Gallery in London. Miranda Sawyer (a broadcaster and critic)  presented the £30,000 […]

WestLicht Museum & Impossible Save Legendary Polaroid Collection

The WestLicht Museum with the help of the Impossible project have purchased the International Polaroid Collection from the Swiss Musée de l’Elysée. The collection which was created by Polaroid from 1972 to 1990 had disappeared in the archives of Swiss Musée de l’Elysée for 20 years. But now the WestLicht Museum has purchased the collection […]

The FOTO8 Summer Show 2011

After the success of the last 3 years of shows FOTO8 and HOST gallery are now calling for entries for the 2011 Summer Show. This is your chance to have your work exhibited in London’s famous HOST Gallery. The competition is open to all photographers you can submit your photographs from 5th April […]

When did street photography become such a threat?

Section 44: In late December the House of Commons made a statement about Section 44, “The government proposes to replace section 44 stop and search powers with a more tightly defined power, allowing a senior police officer to make an authorisation for stop and search powers, where they have reason […]

JR’s wish.

This year JR won the TED prize wish, which meant he won $100,000 and something much bigger, a wish to change the world with the support of the TED community. JR’s work matches the creativity and innovative spirit of TED’s community, and his art inspires people to view the world […]

A new addition to the Darkroom.

Film’s not Dead is very pleased to declare that Ilford will be releasing the first new Ilford B&W Silver Gelatine Paper for 13 years! ILFORD MULTIGRADE ART 300. HARMAN technology is delighted to announce the introduction of a new silver gelatine photographic paper which was produced in co-operation with Hahnemühle FineArt Gmb. […]

And the winner is….

Dan Wood! It was a tough choice with the quality of the submissions being so high but this photo was decided to win this months competition, congratulations Dan. Dan Wood: Boy and pigeons, Istanbul, Turkey 2008

Kodak relaunches its Portra 160 film

Next month Kodak will be discontinuing it’s Portra 160NC and 160VC films and to replace them Kodak have relaunched the Portra 160 film, this new film is Kodak’s proof that they are still dedicated to the film market. Kodak call the new film “advanced and innovative” the film is said to have […]



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