Camera: A History of Photography

“Try doing that with your digital camera in about 100 years”


By Todd Gustavson

Camera, A History of Photography from Daguerreotype to Digital, is an impressive 368 page volume tracing photography from the earliest cameras to the present day. The book is written by Todd Gustavson, the technology curator for the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film, and published by Sterling Innovation. The book, which spans a timeline of almost 200 years, includes photographs of over 350 cameras from the collection, as well as more than 100 historical photographs, ads, and drawings.

The George Eastman House is the oldest photography museum in the world. The museum’s collections include 400,000 photographs from 9,000 photographers; more than 20,000 items of camera technology; and one of the world’s most comprehensive library of photographic books, manuscripts, and journals. Author Todd Gustavson has been working with the museum’s technology collection of 20,000+ artifacts, for more than 20 years.

“Each camera represents an insight—some by a single inventor, others by a team of scientists and engineers—that there was a way to do things better,” writes Gustavson in the introduction, explaining the reasoning behind those cameras included in the book. In addition to the history of cameras, from the very first known photograph through to modern day photography, special cameras from the George Eastman House collections that were owned by renowned photographers were also included as well as some of the most iconic imagery by these photographers, using those cameras that are now part of the Eastman House collection.

This book is a great treasure trove for all camera lovers, and is defiantly one to add to your bookshelf.