Dan Wood: Hiatus – Film’s not Dead Printroom

03.06.13 – 25.06.13

Dan Wood - Fish stall, Vietnam © Dan Wood Film’s not Dead

13 Mount Pleasant, London, WC1X 0AR

Opening Times: Monday – Friday 11.00 – 6.00

Closed – Saturday & Sunday

Admission: FREE

For any further information: info@filmsnotdead.com

“First thing that comes to mind is ‘Hiatus’ as I had grown up working in the family business and I started to break away when I discovered travel. So more and more I started taking long breaks from work to go travelling.” 

We are very pleased and excited to announce that the second show in our new space is Dan Wood’s insightful yet gritty street photography, running from the 3rd of June until the 25th of June.

We first encountered Wood’s work right at the beginning of our journey, infact he won one of our first ever competitions. As we have progressed we’ve followed the work along the way and now we are very proud to be able to display Dan Wood’s first solo show in London, at the Film’s not Dead Printroom. This is an absolute honour for us, secretly I think we all yearn to work as hard as Dan Wood, he has been and still is a photographic inspiration for many. A true photographer.

Not only does he manage to capture fantastic street scenes from around the world, he ties this in with a sensitive approach to perhaps overlooked objects, and all of this is held together by his amazing printing. A man who makes his own prints is a man that knows what it is to understand light, whether it be capturing or distributing, Dan Wood is that man. His Photographs/prints dance over the lines of classic reportage and fine art, exactly what you would expect from somebody who controls every aspect of their process.

Dan Wood - China © Dan Wood

The show will display a wide variety of Dan’s work, from his travels across the world depicting people, life and scenes that he’s encountered on Hiatus. The exhibition will be a small but an exquisite hang of 20 16×12 prints, of course all hand printed by the man himself.

“I was born in Bridgend, South Wales 1974, where I still live to this day, working from my home based studio/darkroom. I have always been dedicated to black and white photography using film and traditional methods. I have not been swayed by the digital revolution, if anything, it has confirmed my loyalty to film. For me, it is in the darkroom where the work of the artist meets the work of the artisan. Personally I feel it is this that sets the traditional photographer apart from the modern day digital photographer.”

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