Paris – Elliott Erwitt

Elliott Erwitt is a well established documentary and advertising photographer, well know for his black and white images. He is one of my favorite photographers due to his witty and clever images, and even through the digital revolution he hasn’t been swayed to convert over. This beautiful large format book is entitled ‘Paris’, displaying Erwitt’s character and humour as he captures the real city. Originally born in Paris and travelled over to the USA in the late 30’s, he started to establish himself in the 40’s and 50’s as a leading magazine photographer, and joined Magnum is 1953.

The photographs in the Paris book range from 1949-2010 still keeping to film in this digital age. Through this book there is no writing apart from a small insert in the beginning and the end, it is just a 176 paged book full of his wonderful images. In the back of the book it clearly states ‘none of the photographs in this book have been digitally manipulated’ conveying how Elliott Erwitt prefers to keep his images true to how he takes them, in turn showing us what a dedicated and talented photographer he truely is.