“Eyewitness” Pulitzer Prize Winner – Daniel Blau Gallery

15th February – 29th March, 2014 



Bill Crouch (1915-1997) “Near Collision at Air Show” October 3, 1949 © Courtesy Daniel Blau

Daniel Blau 51 Hoxton Square London N1 6PB

Opening Times: Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 6pm

Admission: Free

For Further Information: mail@danielblau.com/+44 207 831 7998

“The still point of the turning world.”

T.S. Eliot
Daniel Blau Gallery is currently showing an exciting exhibition of winning photographs from the renowned Pulitzer prize entitled “Eyewitness”.


A powerful photograph stops time. A vast story can be contained in a single snapshot. When contemplating one of these iconic photographs we recall the events of the past and become oblivious to our present moment. The exhibition is composed of original vintage prints of famous photographs, many of which have documented and shaped our history. The show includes Robert H. Jackson’s photograph of the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald and Paul Vathis’ “Two Men with a Problem”, amongst many others.


From the Daniel Blau Gallery press release: “We believe that the value of these photographs is found in their cultural and artistic significance as well as in the historical nature of the prints themselves.”

Information courtesy: Daniel Blau Gallery