Keira Knightley Supports Film Photographers!


Actress Keira Knightley some weeks ago did a controversial interview and shoot with Interview Magazine in which she posed topless on the condition they wouldn’t Photoshop her body before publishing the final shot. While this has been a heated topic of debate on the excessive use of Photoshop there was one comment about photographers which we found much more interesting.

Knightley took the role of the interviewer and talked to legendary photographer Patrick Demarchelier about his work. This great quote below, pointed out by The Phoblographer, reveals her opinion on the difference between film and digital photographers:

Interview Magazine: 

KNIGHTLEY: “I’ve noticed that the people who started on film still have the ability to see the person in front of them. Whereas for a lot of photographers who have only ever worked in digital, the relationship between the photographer and the person who they’re taking a picture of sort of doesn’t exist anymore. They’re looking at a computer screen as opposed to the person…..”

“KNIGHTLEY: Do you miss any of the physicality of it? I think I’m a horrific kind of romantic about film. There’s something about that single shot that was one moment in time, and something about the physical process of the light hitting the lens and the dark room. I find it difficult to see the romance in digital.

DEMARCHELIER: It can do that too, actually. I do a Polaroid before shooting. A Polaroid you do one picture, three pictures, it’s really a moment. Capturing that moment with those pictures is interesting.”

While many have argued that her observation is a subjective thing to say yet it does hold some truth. Overall the full interview is a must read as it offers an interesting perspective from someone who is usually in front of the camera!

Information: The Phoblographer/ Interview Magazine