Michael Hess at The Book Club

London based photographer Michael Hess has a show at The Book Club which is at 100 Leonard Street, EC2A, Shoreditch, London. The gallery will be open until the 30th April and it will feature photographs from his book ‘Bingo & Social Club’. Hess’s book ‘Bingo & Social Club’ is a collection of photographs taken over 4 years in over 60 bingo halls around the UK. As a lot of people may have never been inside a bingo hall, Hess’s photographs show an insight into the lives and the type of people that use the bingo halls and the communities that build within the bingo halls. To see a selection of photographs from ‘Bingo & Social Club’ watch the video below.

If you are interested in Michael Hess but you are not able to make it to The Book Club before 30th April, ‘Bingo & Social Club’ is available on his website which is linked below.

Michael Hess website