Charlie Cummings – For the Love

Meet London based photographer Charlie Cummings, the ninth winner of our competition, ‘For the Love’  in collaboration with Kodak Alaris. After thousands of fantastic entries Cummings intimate portrait of rapper Wiz Khalifa caught our eye. The composition, pose and single eye staring directly into the lens all add up to create this beautiful capture. […]

Lee-David de Haas – For the Love

We’re pleased to introduce the 8th winner from the ‘For the Love’ competition with Kodak Alaris, Lee-David de Haas! After another month of amazing entries, we had to give it to Lee-David de Haas for his beautifully lit and composed photo! Lee spoke to us about why he shoots film, he’s love for documenting […]

Frankiewicz & Rozniata – For The Love

Introducing the incredibly dynamic duo, Krzysztof (Chris) Frankiewicz & Aleksandra (Alex) Rozniata, the sixth joint winner of our competition, ‘For the Love’ with in collaboration with Kodak. Based in London, this fashion photography tag team have created a stunning portfolio of work, with their own unmistakable style. They’ve worked for clients such as; Elle […]

Andrew Tarnawczyk – For The Love

We’re excited to introduce Andrew Tarnawczyk, the fifth winner of twelve in our competition ‘For the Love’ with Kodak. Tarnawczyk is a London based photographer and a BA graduate from Edinburgh College, with a recognisable style and unique way of seeing the world. His interest in fashion, portraiture and bizarre set ups has […]

Jakub Gloser – For The Love

We’re excited to introduce Jakub Gloser, the third winner of twelve in our competition with Kodak, ‘For the Love’. Gloser is a London, UK based photographer whose style fuses street, portrait and landscape photography. Most influenced by travel and documentation of new places, Gloser’s photographs are beautifully composed as well […]

Stephen Wooldridge – For The Love.

Meet Stephen Wooldridge, the second winner of twelve in our competition ‘For the Love’ with Kodak. Wooldridge is a photographer, based in Manchester, UK. His fascination with story telling through photography, which has been with him since childhood, has lead him to photograph such subjects as the Barnsley Sea Cadets, […]

Remembering Ren Hang…

30 March 1987 – 24 February 2017   “People come into this world naked and I consider naked bodies to be people’s original, authentic look.”   Over a month ago photography lost one of the leading figures of a new generation of Chinese photographers, Ren Hang. This was at the time in […]

Stewart Weir – For The Love.

  Introducing Stewart Weir, the first of twelve winners from our ‘For the Love’ competition with Kodak. Weir is a self taught photographer from Brighton, UK whose ‘just do it’ attitude and striking compositions have landed his work in such publications as National Geographic Traveller, Vogue, Esquire and The Times to name just […]

PYLOT: An all Analogue magazine

Many jewels are to be found whilst digging for independent magazines and one of them is surely PYLOT. Launched in 2014 by Max Barnett, the bi-annual publication is currently in its second issue (named The Family Issue, with 208 pages of exclusive content) and it is completely dedicated to analogue photography, […]

FOCUSED…… Oliver Blohm

  What happens when you microwave an instant picture? Oliver Blohm, 27, knows the answer – after all, it was his experiment that led to the “Hatzfrass/Fast Food” series back in 2012, and since then he has been one of The Impossible Project’s golden stars, shooting the campaign for their new black […]

‘Life’ – The Story of James Dean and Dennis Stock

  Director Anton Corbijn has put together a brilliant new movie about the unusual relationship between Life magazine and Magnum photographer Dennis Stock and the rebellious young actor James Dean entitled ‘Life’. Dean (Dane DeHaan) is a workhorse about to hit the big time. Stock (Robert Pattinson) is looking to capture the star on camera before […]

FOCUSED….Jesús Rodríguez Lluch

  For our August FOCUSED feature we have Spanish born, London based photographer Jesus Rodriguez Lluch. We caught up with Lluch to discuss his love for people, why he uses photography and what drives him to use film; from the excitement of not knowing the results, to limiting himself to only […]

CLERA – The World’s First Transparent Camera – Anton Orlov

Over the years we have become very familiar with photographer Anton Orlov‘s photographic projects from his brilliant Photo Palace bus, to discovering a camera with World War I photographs to his newest venture. He’s created one of the coolest cameras we have ever seen and what he believes to be the world’s first fully […]

Engaging, stunning and truly unforgettable – Mary Ellen Mark

  March 20, 1940 – May 25, 2015 Mary Ellen Mark, is up there with the greatest names in photography! She brought us stunning and at times haunting black and white images of scenes such as Mumbai prosititues, Circus acts, Twins and the rawness of the streets of New York. […]

FOCUSED…..Taylor Pool

Today on our FOCUSED series we’re very excited to have photographer Taylor Pool! Pool has a love for everything analogue from developing his own films to hand printing all his own work, shooting promptly with either a Rolleiflex or Mamiya RZ67 on black and white film. His work concentrates on taking […]

“Belly of the Beast” – Markus Andersen

    “Belly of the Beast,” is a beautifully put together 16-minute mini-documentary by Rob Norton that looks at the work of Sydney-based street photographer Markus Andersen. The video features Andersen talking about his thought process and love for film photography! His practice encompasses documentary and street using analogue 35mm, 120 film and […]

Ogle Winston Link – The Steam Railroad Photographer

December 16, 1914 – January 30, 2001 Today marks what would have been American photographer Ogle Winston Link 100th birthday! Link was best known as O. Winston Link, who became renowned for photographing a moribund technology, lugging his flashbulbs and Rolleiflex/ 4×5 camera around the hills of Appalachia in search of […]

Remembering Arthur Leipzig Framed NYC Street Photographer

October 25, 1918 – December 5, 2014 Detailed, emotionally provocative images of every day life documented by New York photographer Arthur Leipzig, particularly known for his photographs of children at play on the streets and piers of mid-20th-century New York City, sadly died last Friday at his home in Sea […]

Remembering a Photography Legend Lucien Clergue

August 14, 1934 – November 15 2014 On Saturday the 15th of November the great French photographer Lucien Clergue died in Nîmes at aged 80, after a long illness. The photography world has lost an extremely well respected and iconic figure, yet today we remember what great contributions he has […]

Teach Them While They’re Young – Hawkeye Huey

Meet 4 year old Hawkeye Huey who is an analogue photographer shooting with a Fuji Instax 210. Huey is the son of National Geographic photographer Aaron Huey, who is taking Instagram by storm since his dad introduced him to photography a little over 6 months ago! Huey senior posted the above photo of Hawkeye […]

Remembering Magnum photographer René Burri

9 April 1933 – 20 October 2014  “A photograph is a moment when you press the button. It will never come back.” Today we remember one of the great photographic figures of the 20th century, the Swiss photographer René Burri celebrated for his portraits of Che Guevara, Le Corbusier, and Pablo […]

“Original Mad Man” – Bert Stern

“When a portrait evokes a feeling, then you’ve got something. Technique isn’t really important. What I want is a believeable moment.” – Bert Stern, Great Themes : LIFE Library of Photography by Time-Life October 3, 1929 – June 26, 2013   Today we celebrate what would have been Bert Stern’s […]

“The Eye of Paris” – Brassaï

9 September 1899 – 8 July 1984 “Chance is always there. We all use it. The difference is a poor photographer meets chance one out of a hundred times and a good photographer meets chance all the time.”  Brassaï   Today marks the birthday of Brassaï (Pseudonym of Gyula Halász), one of the […]

Living History: Bound Feet – Jo Farrell

The old saying ‘pain is beauty’ really does come into context when you look through the beautiful yet thought provoking work of English photographer Jo Farrell. Living History: Bound Feet, which Farrell has been working on for the past 8 years, gives us an in-depth look into some of the last remaining […]

Venus – Grace Vane Percy

London based photographer Grace Vane Percy has been creating a beautiful body of work over a number of years where she has been exploring the Venus poses & the female body. Her work has been shot on mostly medium format film as well as some 7×5 sheet film. Percy is […]

Celebtriy Tintypes – Victoria Will

Ever since we got our first taste of Tintype Photography with the lovely John Brewer we’ve been hooked ever since. With platforms like Instagram and Facebook it has brought this once unknown ‘niche’ community of people together that over the years has grown dramatically in popularity. This has created a […]

The “Do Not Crop” Winner – Jefferson Chang

We are very pleased to present to you our next interview with the third winner from our Kodak Competition photographer Jefferson Chang from Oklahoma, USA! Photographers who submitted to this competition were asked not to crop their pictures in order to show off the rebate of the film. Jefferson Chang […]

Film can be commercial too! -Yéssica Klein

Much has been said in the “analogue x digital” discussion, specially when it comes to commercial photography. For some, it may come as a surprise that film is still used in commercial jobs, but we at Film’s Not Dead know a couple of big names who are not afraid of […]

The Box Brownie Winner – Siim Vahur

Last month we were very proud to announce the second winner to our Kodak Competition as photographer Siim Vahur from Estonia! It was an unusual competition where we asked photographers to capture their photographs by only using the iconic box brownie, the images that were submitted were fantastic and proved […]

My Film Affair – Anton Orlov

 For me analog photography is a love affair – it started early, and continues to this day.  I think there is nothing quite like developing your own film and making prints by hand.  There is a certain tangible magic about that process of converting silver halides into an image.   […]

Portraying The Afghanistan War through Tintypes

We have seen many ways in which people use this 19th century process but Ed Drew has probably got to be one of the most ambitious photographers to have used this complex technique showing that he’s man who is obviously not afraid of a challenge! Drew is a Brooklyn based […]

The Kodak Moment Winner – Guillaume Périmony

    We are delighted to announce after a very tough three months of trying to pick a winner (which was not easy at all) for the Kodak Moment competition we finally announced a few weeks ago our winner as Guillaume Périmony, from Paris, France! The winning image for Périmony was his […]

Robert Doisneau – A Pioneer of photojournalism

14 April 1912 – 1 April 1994 “I don’t photograph life as it is, but life as I would like it to be.” Today is the birthday of one of the greatest pioneer’s of Photojournalism, Robert Doisneau, who would’ve been 101 on this day! Doisneau is regarded as one of France’s […]

Happy Birthday Cornell Capa – “The Concerned Photographer”

April 10, 1918 – May 23, 2008    “One thing that Life and I agreed right from the start was that one war photographer was enough for my family; I was to be a photographer of peace.” Happy Birthday to Cornell Capa! The Founding Director of the International Center of […]

Odd Jobs: Portraits of Unusual Occupations – Nancy Rica Schiff

  We have seen a wide and varied amount of peculiar projects in the past but photographer Nancy Rica Schiff’s has got to be one of the most unusual ones. The project in which she embarked on called “Odd Jobs: Portraits of Unusual Occupations“, looks into jobs that most people would not […]

The rise of New York – Eugene de Salignac

1861–1943 Eugene de Salignac became known as the American photographer who captured the significant rise of New York’s structures. Photographing the creation of the city’s modern infrastructure bridges, major municipal buildings, roads, and subways, forming an incredible archive that until 1999 no one knew who this fantastic photographer was. Born in Boston […]

The Mohawk Iron Workers – Melissa Cacciola

The Monhawk Indians of Quebec ironworkers, have been travelling to New York City for more than a century, to contribute in creating one of the world’s most iconic skylines. To follow in this tradition a new generation of Mohawk ironworkers have now descended upon the World Trade Center site, helping to […]

“Photography can light-up darkness and expose ignorance” – Lewis Hine

September 26, 1874 – November 3, 1940   Lewis Hine, an iconic photographer who is known for using his box-type 5 x 7 camera as an instrument for exposing a cruel underground world, brought to the attention to the United States that Child Labour is unacceptable and in doing so he enabled […]

Layering of Light: ‘In No Time’- Tony Ellwood

  ‘In No Time’ is a fascinating project photographed by London-based photographer Tony Ellwood, who has been dealing with peoples ‘perception and awareness’ of time. To demonstrate this he visited the same pier in which he visited it over a period of six months. It took him at least 18 months to […]

‘Magnum has lost a point of reference, a lighthouse, and one of our most influential and beloved members – Martine Franck

2 April 1938 – 16th August 2012 “My grandfather killed himself falling off the dike in Ostend while photographing my two cousins. This can happen so easily when looking through a lens: for a split second nothing else exists outside the frame…”   On the 16th of August the sad […]

The Sixteen Mirrored Photographer – Helmar Lerski

18 February 1871 – 19 September 1956   “In every human being there is everything; the question is only what the light falls on”. A man who is guided by his persistence, created mesmersing portraits that were not only beautiful but were absolutely striking and unique, that in some of his […]

A 4×5 camera with a Petzval lens VS Canon 5d

How can there possibly be any comparison? Four weeks prior to the London Olympic Games, Los Angeles Times photographer Jay L. Clendenin spent that time traveling around Souther California, composing portraits of the competing athletes on the US Olympic Team. Yes, while he wasn’t the only one documenting these athletes, Clendenin […]

A miniature World – Frank Kunert

Frank Kunert takes an obscene amount of time in creating his complex photographs, at first glance there may look like real envrioments, but they are cleverly devised models, precisely hand built by the photographer himself, that represent surreal worlds. Frank Kunert is very secretive about how he comes to make […]

Shooting by sound: The Blind Photographer – Pete Eckert

‘I made my bathroom into a darkroom, developing negatives under a 40-watt bulb. It’s what they were doing in the ’20s and ’30s, pretty crude and old-fashioned. Once I’ve done a contact sheet, I talk to friends and compare my memory of the event to what they’re seeing. From that […]

Complete Tranquility – Fan Ho

Award winning photographer Fan Ho transforms the scenes of the busy bustling streets and slums of Hong Kong, into serene abstract photographs, were he manages to compose simply stunning frames. Fan Ho was born in Shanghai in 1931, but immigrated with his family to Hong Kong at the age of […]

Floating on air – Photographs by Philippe Ramette

“You see a tension in my hands, my red face is far from serene as the blood rushes to it, my suit is ruffled.”   No, there are no special effects added to these truly magical and mesmerising photographs. French born artist Philippe Ramette believes nothing should ever be faked, as he defies gravity […]

Hidden portraits of the 60s icons found in closet – Jack Robinson

September 18, 1928 – December 15, 1997   It is always unclear what people are hiding in their homes, but when Jack Robinson’s boss Dan Oppenheimer was left to take care of his estate when he passed, he discovered a hidden world that Robinson had kept secret. He found a […]

The art of painting with developer

Yes these may look like paintings but they were actually created using developer and a paint brush! Timothy Pakron has taken a simple technique of unevenly applying developer to ones print but he has used it in a very particular way to reveal only parts of his subjects face, to […]

Happy Birthday Diane Arbus – 89

March 14, 1923 – July 26, 1971   “A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.”  Diane Arbus, an iconic photographer who became known as one of the most distinctive photographers in the twentieth century, renowned for her eerie yet mesmerising portraits of […]

Psychedelic Infrared Photographs – Richard Mosse

“I chose Aerochrome because I thought that it would provide me a unique window through which I could inspect the eastern Congo battlefield. That film gave me the opportunity to think about from my role as a white man photographing Congo with a huge wooden camera. Besides, it made me […]

The Legacy of Lillian Bassman

June 15, 1917 – February 13, 2012   Lillian Bassman, a magazine art director and fashion photographer who achieved unique looking photographs in the 1940s and ’50s with high-contrast, dreamy portraits of graceful models, then re-emerged in the ’90s as a fine-art photographer after a large amount of lost negatives […]

‘I’d rather stalk with a Camera than a Gun’ – Toni Frissell

March 10, 1907 – April 17, 1988   Toni Frissell (Antoinette Frissell Bacon), was an American born Photographer, who was known for her compelling fashion photography for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar as well as celebrated for her groundbreaking photographs of the World War II, portraits of famous Americans and Europeans, children, […]

Adamantly Analogue – Rodney Smith

“He’s old school with a twist.”    Rodney Smith’s work is mesmerising , distinctive, crisp and clean black and white photographs, as well as having a small selection of striking color work. His photographs convey an elegant combination of style and substance, humour, glamour and distinctive details. The characters that […]

A Celebration of the life and work of Eve Arnold

21st April 1912 – 4th January 2012   ‘You can’t make a great musician or a great photographer if the magic isn’t there.’   Eve Arnold, a truly unforgettable and iconic photographer who was known for her close interaction with various Hollywood stars such as Paul Newman, Joan Crawford and […]

The teacher who photographed his students – Joseph Szabo

Joesph Szabo is not only a teacher but he’s also an exceptional photographer who has been able to photograph his students in the most intimate way. Szabo has been photographing his teenage students for twenty-five years, and has perfectly captured the life of that time. As a high school teacher […]

This Months Winner is……….

 Eddie Otchere We are very pleased to announce that December’s featured photographer is Eddie Otchere for his beautiful winning photograph taken in Tokyo entitled ‘Citilife’. Thank very much to Otchere and to everyone else who entered this months competition. Make sure you keep a look out for his featured photographers page, which will be […]

This months winner is…..

Paul Hardy Carter We are very pleased to announce that November’s featured photographer is Paul Hardy Carter for his well beautifully composed winning photograph entitled ‘Sarajevo. 2004′ . Thank you Carter for entering this months competition. Make sure you keep a look out for his featured photographers page, which will be posted in the […]

A master celebrity photographer – Greg Gorman

‘For me a photograph is most successful when it doesn’t answer all the questions and it leaves something to be desired’ Greg Gorman is known for his candid photographs of a wide range of celebrities as well as some lesser known but interesting people, he has become one of the […]

Dawoud Bey.

Dawoud Bey is a truly recognisable American born photographer, who is renowned for his large-scale color portraits of the youth and other often marginalised subjects. His work explores youth in a deep and extremely connecting way, photographing them as if ‘they’ were the same age or had known each other […]

This months winner is……

 Mark York We are very pleased to announce that October’s featured photographer is Mark York for his beautiful winning photograph entitled ‘The Card Players, Sedile Dominova’. Thank you very much to everyone for entering the competition this month. Make sure you keep a look out for featured photographers page, which will […]

Anders Petersen: Soho Projects

Anders Petersen is a Swedish born photographer, who was commissioned by the Photographers’ Gallery to be part of the summer 2011 Soho Projects. Petersen spent several weeks in London’s Soho. Occupying various bars, cafes, hotels and homes around Soho. Petersen, who is known for his personal and intimate black and […]

Herb Ritts

 August 13, 1952 – December 26, 2002 Herbert Ritts also known as ‘Herb’ was an incredibly talented American fashion photographer who mainly focused on black and white photography and portraits, that displayed clear concise lines allowing the viewers eyes not to wonder off the subject, which was often in the […]

This months winner is…….

Ricardo Lebres We are very happy to announce that Ricardo Lebres is September’s featured photographer for his winning photograph entitled Apatia III . Thank you to everyone for their fantastic submissions. Make sure you look out for Ricardo’s  featured photographers page, which will be posted in the next couple of days. […]

This months winner is………

We are very pleased to announce that Paul Shelasky is August’s featured photographer for his winning photograph entitled ‘Skate Rink 2’. Thank you to everyone that entered their great photographs. Make sure you look out for Paul Shelasky featured photographers page, which will be posted in the next couple of days. Congratulations to […]

“Papa Flash” – Harold Edgerton

April 6, 1903 – January 4, 1990 “Don’t make me out to be an artist. I am an engineer. I am after the facts, only the facts” Harold Eugene “Doc” Edgerton ‘the man who made time stand still’, is a legendary photographer, known for inventing the strobe flash in the […]

This months winner is……

Mark Luscombe – Whyte We are very pleased to announce that Mark Luscombe – Whyte is July’s featured photographer for his winning photograph entitled ‘Sonnepur Mela India’. Thank you to everyone for their fantastic entries this month, it was a tough choice.  Look out for Whyte’s featured photographers page, which will […]

Wanye Martin Belger – Continued

Wanye Martin Belger is a truly creative, self taught and passionate artist who creates and solely builds the most unthinkable cameras. These cameras go far beyond the ‘normality’ of how we take photographs, it shows you that you can make cameras really connect with your subject, on a level that […]

Photography Lecture – Steve McCurrry

Sunday June 12th – 5pm – 8pm Dryden Theatre, George Eastman House 900 East Avenue Rochester, New York Admission: $12 Adults, $10 Senior Citizens, $5 Students, Free for members.     Steve McCurry, is a well known, celebrated National Geographic and Magnum photographer, recognized for his vibrant images of the human […]

This months winner is….

Bob Soltys For his photograph entitled “Cow Boss”. We have chosen Bob Soltys’s photograph because out of all our great entries “Cow Boss” had the most character which is what we were looking for. Be sure to look out for Soltys’s featured photographers page which will be up soon. Congratulations to Bob Soltys for […]

Alfred Stieglitz: The Eloquent Eye (1999)

This is a very unique and accurate account of what has to be one of the most important figures amongst past American photographers. Whilst Alfred Stieglitz was Studying Mechanical engineering in Germany the photographic seed was planted and he gave up on mechanical engineering and began to develop what turned […]

A photographic career at the age of just 11 – Dennis Morris

At the young age of just 11, Dennis Morris started his photographic career, when one of his photographs landed on the front page of the Daily Mirror. A camera enthusiast since the age of 8, and known around his east end neighbourhood as ‘Mad Dennis’, as he preffered to take […]

A Master Photographer for half a century.

Gian Paolo Barbieri is Italian born photographer, who has been a master of photography for half a century. His unforgettable work has been published in Vanity Fair, Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris, GQ and many others. Furthermore he has created many different advertising campaigns for major brands such as Elizabeth Arden, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Mikimoto and many more, displaying his unique style though […]

This months winner is…….

Jacqueline Roberts. We are delighted to announce that Jacqueline Roberts is May’s featured photographer, for this winning photograph below entitled, Scherzo di Follia. Look out over the next couple of days for Roberts featured photographer page.      

Paul Graham: Photographs 1981-2006

British photographer Paul Graham currently has a show on at the Whitechapel Gallery entitled Photographs 1981-2006 which includes photographs from Britain, Tokyo and the USA. Graham is a self taught photographer working mainly on colour film, which was unusual in the 1970s when most were using black and white film. We believe […]

Maurizio Galimberti the Instant Artist

Maurizio Galimberti is an Italian photographer who is known for his style of photography which involves shooting on Polaroids only. Galimberti’s style of working with Polaroids does not just involve him shooting only one, he works with photo-mosaics, collages and manually manipulating the Polaroid or Polaroids in some way. Galimberti’s works range from street […]

Michael Hess at The Book Club

London based photographer Michael Hess has a show at The Book Club which is at 100 Leonard Street, EC2A, Shoreditch, London. The gallery will be open until the 30th April and it will feature photographs from his book ‘Bingo & Social Club’. Hess’s book ‘Bingo & Social Club’ is a collection of […]

Daido Moriyama

Daido Moriyama is a Japanese photographer who is best known for his photographs of Japan losing it’s traditional values after World War II. His style is very easily noticeable, his photographs are normally shot on black and white film in dark places  with very high contrast and are normally shot form […]

Book Signing: Bruce Davidson

May 3, 2011   15:30 – 17:30 Magnum Print Room 63 Gee Street London London EC1V 3RS UK On Tuesday the 3rd of May Bruce Davidson will be signing copies of his stunning new book series entitled ‘Outside Inside’ at the Magnum Print Room in London. This is a three-volume […]

Jazz Master.

Herman Leonard. March 6th, 1923 – 87, August 14th, 2010 A photographer who has travelled to many different locations, photographing subjects such as nudes for Hugh Hefner’s Playboy, fashion models for Marie Claire and Elle. To photographing a den in Mazar-I-Sharif, Afghanistan where the opium smoke was thick, but overall Leonard […]

This months winner is…

Rick Gold for his photograph of Greenwich Village’s version of Mona Lisa. Look out for Rick Gold’s featured photographer page coming soon!

Jim Goldberg speaks to Charlotte Cotton

April 21st 2011, 7.00 Hogg Lecture Theatre, University of Westminster 35 Marylebone Rd London NW1 5LS Price: £5.00 Jim Goldberg’s series ‘Open See’ documents the experiences of refugee, immigrant and trafficked populations who travel from war torn, socially and economically devastated countries to make new lives in Europe. Goldberg (b. 1953, […]

JR’s wish.

This year JR won the TED prize wish, which meant he won $100,000 and something much bigger, a wish to change the world with the support of the TED community. JR’s work matches the creativity and innovative spirit of TED’s community, and his art inspires people to view the world […]

John Stezaker

John Stezaker is an English artist from Worcester, he works mainly by cutting and creating collages from found photos. His found images are mainly form old postcards, book illustrations and movie stills which through slicing and pasting gives the old images new meaning. He places book illustrations and old postcards […]

Liquid Light

Gary Emrich is a Colorado based media artist/photographer, with a 30 year exhibition record. Some of his work includes a lot of various objects being coated with liquid emulsion to create his unique images. For example he has coated objects like concrete, glasses, paint brushes, projection screens, pretty much anything […]

Words on Monday: PhotoVoice Lecture Series

March 14th 2011 – Talk by Chris Steele Perkins. On Monday the 14th the Magnum photographer, Chris Steele Perkins will be talking about his experience as a photographer, whose career has moved between journalism and reportage. Perkins will touch on points like the truth, responsiablity and the role of a […]

And the winner is….

Dan Wood! It was a tough choice with the quality of the submissions being so high but this photo was decided to win this months competition, congratulations Dan. Dan Wood: Boy and pigeons, Istanbul, Turkey 2008

Klavdij Sluban – Entre Parenthèses

France: Actes Sud, 2005 Entre Parenthèses is a series of photographs by Klavdij Sluban, the Slovenian born French photographer whose fascinating body of work continues to be met with critical acclaim. Published by Actes Sud in the affordable Photo Poche series, the collection of photographs is centered around the photographer’s […]

JR ‘Wrinkles of the City’ continued

As promised here are some more images of JRs exhibition ‘Wrinkles of the City’. The work with a mans eyes on the side of a building is at the Angel Brewery in downtown Los Angles, and the other of the ‘Westside’ hand sign is on the wall of the Bristol Hotel, Los Angles. Stay […]

Master Manipulator

“I am sympathetic to the current digital revolution and excited by the visual options created by the computer. However, I feel my creative process remains intrinsically linked to the alchemy of the darkroom.” Jerry Uelsmann is a master of creating surreal images produced only in the darkroom. His images are […]

In conversation with Elliott Erwitt.

Last night we went to the Cochrane Threatre to see one of the finest photographers of his generation, the one, the only, Elliott Erwitt. The magnum photographer is in London for a couple of days, while two exhibitions of his are being held here, one at the Atlas gallery on […]

JR in Los Angeles

JR has made his mark on Los Angeles with his latest exhibition of “The Wrinkles of the City”. Stay tuned for the rest of the exhibition. Photos courtesy of LA Weekly.

WeSC x Fatsarazzi Colette

Photographer Fatsarazzi has collaborated with WeSC and has brought out a book, headphones and a clothing line, photos below. All in all a great look, congratulations Fatsarazzi! Photos courtesy of Fatsarazzi.

Severin Koller

Severin Koller is a really interesting freelance photographer who is based in Vienna, yet he has been able to take photographs all over the world and in all different situations. His photographs have a very unique look to them, and in ever picture he has caught the subject at exactly the right […]

War Photographer

“I have been a witness, and these pictures are my testimony. The events I have recorded should not be forgotten and must not be repeated.” Natchway is an incredible and brave photographer, who has travelled to the far corners of the world to big to light pressing and disturbing issues. […]

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