Robert Mapplethorpe – Fotografiska Museum

June 17 to October 2

Fotografiska Museum

Stadsgårdshamnen 22
116 45 Stockholm

Telephone: 0046 8 50 900 500


November 4, 1946 – March 9, 1989

Robert Mapplethorpe was a true master of photography, using light and creating beautiful tones like no other. This exhibition in Stockholm will be displaying a wide range of Mapplethorpes classic and unmistakeble images. He is with out a doubt one of the most important photographers of the twentieth century. In 1970 Mapplethorpe quickly found satisfaction taking Polaroid photographs and a few Polaroids actually appeared in his mixed-media works at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. That same year he moved into the Chelsea Hotel, where he was able to photograph some of the most influential musicians and artists of the time, including Patti Smith, Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol, and Janis Joplin.

In 1973, the Light Gallery in New York City mounted his first solo exhibition entitled, “Polaroids.” Two years later he purchased a Hasselblad 500 and began shooting his friends and acquaintances—artists, musicians, socialites, pornographic film stars, and members of the S & M underground. After working with his Hasselblad the Swedish brand required him to work very precisely, as a result Mapplethorpe transitioned to studio photography. Within the space of his studio he was able to sharpen his skills as a photographer, creating remarkable and unforgettable images, that later on distinguished his career.

Mapplethorpe’s images of male nudes, phalluses, and S&M subculture are known to shock and to make the viewer question, even though they were photographed decades ago. In 1988 Mapplethorpe responded to ARTnews with the statement, “I don’t like that particular word ‘shocking.’ I’m looking for the unexpected. I’m looking for things I’ve never seen before … I was in a position to take those pictures. I felt an obligation to do them.”

Robert Mapplethorpe unfortunately died of AIDS in 1989. Today Mapplethorpe is considered to be one of the most significant photographers in the history of the medium, and his body of work is represented in major museums throughout the world. Fotografiska Museum is displaying an amazing retrospective of nearly 200 of his stunning work. Here below are a few of Mapplethorpe’s unique work and a short clip from a 79 minute documentary on the notorious photographer entitled ‘Robert Mapplethorpe’.

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