The Edinburgh Pinhole photography festival

5th – 17th March 2012

© Justin Quinnell

Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh

20, Inverleith Row, Edinburgh, EH3 5LR

Royal Botanic Gardens: 0131 552 7171

For more information on the Pinhole Photography Festival please contact:

Time: 10.00 am — 4.00 pm

Booking: No booking required

The very first pinhole photography festival will be kicking off this year at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. This exciting new festival includes a number events from exhibitions with leading pinhole photographers, discussions and a wide variety of workshop events. DIY photography without lenses has had a dramatic come back recently due to its simplicity and addictive experimental nature. This festival brings together both experienced pinhole artists and total beginners to celebrate the amazing world of pinhole photography. Organised by photographer Kenny Bean, who is known for his fascinating work with pinhole wheelie bins, this festival brings together six exciting UK pinhole photographers for an exhibition at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. During the festival over 300 children from local Edinburgh primary schools will take part in pinhole photography workshops with photographer, Kenny Bean. The workshops will be held each morning at the Festival Base in the Fletcher Building.

Each afternoon the large festival darkroom will open its door for all pinhole photographers to be able to use the darkroom as a base to develop images they have made of the Botanic Gardens or of the surrounding city, and make prints on ILFORD MULTIGRADE paper as paper negatives and contact prints. There will also be a chance for photographers to test out the new Harman Titan 5×4 pinhole camera from Ilford Photo, and Harman Direct  Postive FB paper.

© Mark Tweedie

For beginners unfamiliar with the art, and who want to give pinhole photography a go, there will also be an open drop-in workshop each day from 2-3pm. Kenny is very enthusiastic about the project and says, “Newcomers to pinhole photography can easily become absorbed by the long exposures, random creative outcomes and the pure fun of it all. Anyone can make their own camera out of a spare tin can then set up a darkroom in a cupboard for next to nothing and start making fabulous images. When creating the festival I wanted to bring together both experienced pinhole artists and total beginners in a celebration of the amazing technique of pinhole photography.”

Most of the events will take place in the large Fletcher Building at the Botanic Gardens Base where the darkroom is situated. Other workshops and events will take place at Stills Gallery and the Camera Obscura building in the city centre. Full details on the artists that will be exhibiting and the events that will be happening during the festival can be found by clicking the link:

       © Katie Cooke 

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