The Magnum Mark – Magnum Print Room

24th November 2010- 26 February 2011


James Dean © Dennis Stock/Magnum photos

Magnum Print room: ‘The Magnum Mark’

63 Gee Street
London EC1V 3RS
United Kingdom

Admission: Free

This exhibition is about bringing the distinctive styles of Magnum photographers and their commitment to documenting the world, which has brought each of them individual admiration. As a collective these iconic images have brought their influence on to the Twentieth and early  Twenty-First Century. As Digital photography quickly replaced analogue, the physical print, which was once the heart of Magnum’s business has subsequently changed the market value of the photographic print. The process of printing a photograph as a final ‘object’ is a labour of love, as any analogue lover would know. Magnums New York offices contains the last operational darkroom within the agency, and the examples of the work within this exhibition are the work of Magnum’s printer, Pablo Inirio.

‘The Magnum Mark’ is set out to celebrate the legacy of Magnum’s print archive , emphasising and revealing the process behind the traditional methods. In this exhibition there is also unseen ‘press’ prints by the work of Magnum’s founder George Rodger, and a small selection of some of the agency’s greatest known images.

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