The PhotoExif App

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Recently all kinds of apps have been popping up to help us along with are photography, even your very own darkroom timer app. The next on to the scene is the PhotoExif, which is a beautifully designed app created by Oriol Garcia that allows you to record vital information about each photograph you take such as your shutter speed, aperture, camera, lens and so on.

Garcia says: “I wanted to record the info of every analog photos I take (camera, lens, shutter speed, aperture, GPS coordinates). I know many people write those on a Moleskine but I don’t usually carry one, so I decided to create an app for my iPhone to help me record that information.”

Instead of having to enter those details in manually every time it allows you to store a catalog of cameras and lenses that you use, it also has an interface that even replicates the design of an SLR camera. To select your lens, aperture, shutter speed, and focal length you simply have to turn digital sliders and dials.

To store your information you have to press a digital shutter button that records the information along with GPS coordinates and time, which is then organised into rolls of film. When you have finished your roll of film, that roll’s digital counterpart in PhotoExif should have the same number of “exposures” and contain the necessary details for each one!

Once you have your roll of physical film developed and scanned, you can easily apply the PhotoExif information directly to those digitized photos. Yet it doesn’t stop there, Garcia has also created a free companion desktop app called PhotoExifDesktop that applies each frame’s data to each digital frame on your computer.

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