Ilford’s Ultra Large Format and Specialty Films Now Available to Order!


It is that glorious time of year everyone when Ilford roll up their sleeves and begin to make an array of delicious Ultra Large Format Film! Now with their biggest ever offering yet (65 + items)

As of from yesterday (May 13th) until Friday the 28th of June, Ilford will start taking orders for sheet film in formats up to 20 x 24 inches, 70mm film, 122 and 127 format film, and even 120 format backing paper in 100ft lengths for those of you that make your own film rolls at home. Ilford are offering an extremely unique service, where photographers will be able to get their hands on very obscure sizes. The Film types that are available to choose from include FP4+, HP5+, Ortho Plus and even Delta 100 Professional in specialist formats, with an additional three sizes now available.

Steven Brierley, Director of Marketing at HARMAN, said, “It is vitally important for us to 
support users of large format sheet film, and other specialist film users. By amalgamating world-wide orders on an annual basis it allows us to make a viable production of large format sheet film or custom sizes once a year, and providing the volumes are sufficient we are happy to continue doing so.” 

Another amazing detail about this annual tradition is that you won’t be limited on the amount of custom-made specialty film you can order either. From the 28th of June Ilford will start the manufacturing process, once they have all the orders in. The process  of fulfilling these orders will begin, and by September you should have your fresh pack of uniquely sized film!

 Now that’s what I call a film company that goes all out to help the analogue community, thank you once again Ilford!

Please click below for a full list of participating dealers and terms.

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