The Worlds largest Pinhole Photograph

A three stories high, eleven stories long, producing a guinness world record for ‘The Great Picture’. This was produced by a team of six artists called The Legacy project and a army of assistants converted an abandoned F-18 jet fighter hanger at El Toro MCAS in Orange County, California into a massive pinhole camera. Then they hung a single seamless piece of light sensitive muslin cloth from the celling of the hanger.

On July the 8th 2006 the cloth was exposed through a hole less than 1/4 ” in diameter and this is how the Worlds largest pinhole photograph was made. On September 2007 the great picture was publicly displayed for the first time.

The abandoned airplane hangar held the photo canvas, which measured 31ft (9.4m) x 7ft (2.1m) x 111ft (33.8m), and weighed 1,200lbs (544kg.)┬áThe photo’s eery landscape of the El Toro Control Tower, runways and San Joaquin Hills was created after being exposed for 35 minutes in an empty airplane hangar’s wall in Irvine, California.

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