A miniature World – Frank Kunert

Frank Kunert takes an obscene amount of time in creating his complex photographs, at first glance there may look like real envrioments, but they are cleverly devised models, precisely hand built by the photographer himself, that represent surreal worlds.

Frank Kunert is very secretive about how he comes to make these complicated  models, which can take him many months of painstaking work to create impeccably detailed creations that require extremely close inspection to make sure they are absolutely perfect to photograph. He keeps the models very simple, adding that something extra, to make the viewer question the reality of the images.

Kunert says, ‘Some views are intended to instill poetic quality, others humor or silent darkness’. The worlds he forms are mostly industrial grey and coloured as if by an overcast sky, with no people in sight, creating a completely altered reality.

‘Everything about the construction is meant for that moment of story creation. The intended punchline is word play or a subtle jab.’

 Information: Frank Kunert/ Trendland