BAILEY – For Real – Daniel Blau

May 16 – June 28, 2014


 David Bailey (*1938) "Uncharted – Naga Hills" © David Bailey Courtesy: Daniel Blau Munich/London

 Daniel Blau 51 hoxton square / London N1 6PB

Opening Times: Tuesday – Saturday: 11.00 – 6.00pm

Admission: Free

For Further Information: +44 207 831 7998/

Artist David Bailey is best known for his portraits of the trendsetting faces commonly seen in the pages of Vogue and, most recently, in “Bailey’s Stardust” at London’s National Portrait Gallery.

In addition to portraits of iconic figures such as Mick Jagger, ”Bailey: For Real” will present a collection of his photographs of the everyday, including captivating portraits of anonymous figures in Delhi and stark images of London’s East End. These works constitute a relatively unexplored yet equally intriguing component of Bailey’s artistic oeuvre.

Many of the works in this exhibition have ragged edges where Bailey has torn the photographic paper before printing, rendering each piece entirely unique.

Information: Daniel Blau