ILFORD’S Ultra Large Format Film is Back

Ilford ULF sheet film, Custom & Specialist Film Manufacture 2014 – is back, the window is now open
for the ninth year in succession, HARMAN technology Limited, manufacturer of ILFORD black and white photographic products, is once again opening a sales window for its ultra large format (ULF) sheet film and other specialist products.

This allows ULF photographers to order sheet and roll film in selected sizes from the ILFORD black and white range without the constraints of the usual minimum order quantities (M.O.Qs). Instead, HARMAN will combine orders from participating dealers across the world to ensure production runs remain viable.

Steven Brierley, Director of Marketing at HARMAN, said, “By amalgamating world-wide orders on an annual basis it allows us to make a viable production of large format sheet film or custom sizes once a year, and providing the volumes are sufficient we are happy for this to continue. We recognize the importance of continuing to provide this opportunity to all users of large format sheet film, and other specialist film users who in turn continue to support us.”

The ordering window opens on Tuesday 6th May and will run until Friday 27th June 2014. After the closing date, HARMAN will manufacture the items at its factory in the UK with a view to shipping orders to arrive with dealers from September onwards. Specific products covered include FP4 PLUS and HP5 PLUS in sizes up to 20 x 24 inches and hard to find sizes in sheets and rolls of ORTHO PLUS. Specialist formats of DELTA 100 PROFESSIONAL sheet film remain included in the availability list.

Introduced for the first time in 2013, HP5 Plus in 70mm perforated and unperforated continues to be offered. However, it must be noted that a worldwide total of 30 mixed rolls needs to be achieved for a viable production run.

Slittings related to older formats such as 127 film will allow end users to be able to use vintage and classic cameras of those formats. In addition, and again at the request of customers, we are making available 120 Roll Film Backing Paper. This highly specialized product in 120 size 100 foot lengths (61.5mm x 30.5 metre) is required by those end users effectively constructing their own film.

Steven Brierley also commented, “We would like to thank all the participating dealers for their continued support. Without their commitment it would be impossible for us to continue this annual service.”.

For a full list of available items and participating dealers in 2014 visit:

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