Film can be commercial too! -Yéssica Klein

Much has been said in the “analogue x digital” discussion, specially when it comes to commercial photography. For some, it may come as a surprise that film is still used in commercial jobs, but we at Film’s Not Dead know a couple of big names who are not afraid of keeping on the film tradition, even when it comes to their paid work… Not only the old school folks choose to keep their analogue cameras, but the new generation (the one raised by Internet and addicted to their smartphones) have also picked the good old film to show off their talent. When it comes to fashion photography and portraits for interviews, film is pretty much relevant… Check some names below and get inspired!

Miles Aldridge


John Frieda Celebrates 25 Years - Party

 Guess what! The British photographer bright, cinematic colours seen on fashion magazines all over the world are not created on Photoshop. Instead, he uses an attached Polaroid back to make sure the lighting is perfect and then shoots on a film camera. He actually started his career as a filmmaker in the 80s, using a Super 8 for his pop videos.


 Annie Leibovitz


Annie Leibovitz

When in doubt, use both analogue and digital – that’s the lesson we get from American photographer Annie Leibovitz. Her megalomaniac shoots for Vanity Fair may include wind machines, flying models and a massive crew, but that doesn’t mean she leaves the analogue behind… In fact, she shoots both with digital and analogue, keeping a medium format camera in hand.


Bill Cunningham


Bill Cunningham

The original street style photographer have been shooting for The New York Times for more than 50 years, his Nikon FM2 lock and loaded with 400 Fuji Film. Eventually he does shoot digital with a basic Nikon D5000, proving that talent is more on the photographer’s eye than on the price of the gear…


Juergen Teller


Juergen Teller

 The colour of his pictures won’t lie – that has to be film! Armed with his Contax G2, his images are easily spotted in the advertising campaigns of brands like Marc Jacobs, Céline and Vivienne Westwood. Original and true to his own style, Teller’s work is one of the most consistent proofs that film can be just as commercial as digital – and much more exciting too.


Olivia Bee


olivia bee purple haze

 This very young photographer gained her fame through the Internet, but that didn’t keep her away from her beloved Olympus OM-2. Her sensitive and poetic images have been featured in several magazines and brands too, from Hermés to Converse. Mainly documental, her work reminds us to keep our cameras always with us, ready to shoot at any time.


Ellen Rogers


 This young Brit has been shooting film since she was 6! Now at 29, she develops her negatives with her own mix of chemicals, creating images that have a dark and antique references. She keeps her favourite cameras a secret, and her works have been published in magazines such as Lula and Dazed & Confused.


Tim Walker


 All about creating a new world, Walker’s pictures often involve lots of props. It’s almost impossible not to relate his images with “Alice in Wonderland”, as the fantasy element is always high… There’s no need for Photoshop either: he only shoots with analogue cameras, his favorite being a Pentax 67. He aims for originality – and he definitely achieves it.

Author: Yéssica Klein

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