Ilford Obscura Pure Pinhole Camera (Update)


Ilford has gained quite a bit of a reputation for creating weird, wonderful and innovative ways to make analogue photography even more enjoyable! They are back with a another new camera up for grabs, and they have confirmed that they should be releasing it just after Easter 2013. The new camera is called the Obscura Pure Pinhole Photography!

The Obscura Pure Pinhole Photography camera features: 87mm focal length, magnetic lock design, front rotates from left to right e.c.t. It is said to be expected to retail at £69 according to ePhotoZine. Rumour has it that the box contains the camera, 3 packs of film (Ilford Delta 100, Ilford MGIV, Harman Direct Positive Paper), a pinhole exposure calculator, and a pack of stickers, so you can use the camera discreetly or alter the design to your liking.

Unfortunately we don’t know the final date for this intriguing little box or when it will hit our local photographic shops but we will keep you guys updated! If you would like to read a great review of the camera please click here (below are some results from it. © Creative Photographic Gems)




Following Ilford’s success when displaying the Ilford Obscura at the recent exhibitions including UK Focus on Imaging Exhibition and Photographica London, and the SPE Conference in Chicago, ILFORD PHOTO are now officially announcing the new pinhole camera known as the Obscura. Ilford have stated that delivery to selected dealers in the UK will commence early June! So not long left to wait now.

Here is what Ilford had to say about this exciting new camera:

“This lightweight camera is manufactured in England, exclusively for ILFORD PHOTO. The clever, simple and subtle design features of the Obscura certainly captured the imagination of all who were fortunate enough to see or handle the camera at recent exhibitions.

The camera is precision cut and formed from expanded PVC, and is made of two interlocking sections. The photographic medium is loaded into the bottom section in darkroom conditions, and then held in place by sliding in the top section, which locks into place by use of magnets. The top section of the camera also holds the stainless steel chemically etched 0.3mm pinhole in place. Designed for 4×5 inch film or paper, the camera is 87mm focal length giving wide-angle images. The pinhole exposures are controlled by a magnetic locking shutter, which can be left in the open or closed position. The front section can be positioned in either orientation making it suitable for right or left-handed use. The design also incorporates a tripod-mounting socket, and the enclosed sticker allows a sighting line to be created with which to aim the camera.

Similar to the HARMAN TiTAN 4×5 pinhole camera, the new Obscura also comes supplied with 10 sheets each of 4×5 inch ILFORD DELTA 100 Professional film, ILFORD MULTIGRADE IV RC paper, and HARMAN DIRECT POSITIVE paper to get the user started. Finally the kit includes a simple Exposure Calculator for use without a light meter, a set of stickers with which to decorate the camera, the user instruction booklet and a 3-tray light-tight sheet film box for storing exposed materials. All the user needs to load and unload the camera whilst on location is a changing bag.

Steven Brierley, Director of Sales and Marketing at HARMAN technology, said, “ We have been amazed at the reaction to the camera. People seem to love the simplicity and elegance of the design and effectiveness of the magnetic locking systems”

Information: Ilford PhotoCreative Photographic GemsePhotoZine

Ilford Photo Update on release Dates: Further details for Delivery into distributors