Kodak face the rumours…

Kodak has denied the rumours that they were allegedly discontinuing a series of films, in which they have confirmed with the British Journal of Photography, instead what they have decided to do is to modify the way they distribute them.

Following the many rumours that Kodak had discontinued a large series of films – including the T-Max 400, Tri-X Pan and Elite Chrome – the Rochester-based firm has confirmed to the magazine that it will continue to offer these films, but in different packages. In an email to the longest running photography magazine, a spokeswoman says: “We have only discontinued the ways we package the[se] films and the way we list those packages as catalog items.We have not discontinued the films themselves.” Affected by the change will be the T-Max 400 120, which won’t be available to purchase in single rolls but will now be sold in “propacks” of five rolls. Similarly, the Tri-X Pan 120 400 films will also be packaged in propacks of five rolls.

Kodak’s Max 400 rolls of 12 frames will cease to be offered, with the firm choosing to only market rolls of 24 frames. These rolls will be available to purchase in packs of four in the US, in singles and packs of three throughout the rest of the world. Also affected is Kodak’s BW400cn packs of three rolls, which will now be sold in single packs, says the spokeswoman. However, Kodak has confirmed that it will cease to offer the Elite Chrome 100/36 film. “This film has been discontinued,” she confirmed, before adding that Kodak’s “suggested replacement is the E100G 135-36 or Elite Chrome 100 Extra Color / EBX 135-36.” The rumours came several days after Kodak confirmed that it had sold its sensor business, and was now looking to part with its Gallery – an online photo-sharing facility – as it seeks cash to help fund its digital makeover. This confirms that the beloved company is not loosing faith in film, yet I feel as an avid user of Kodak that we should make sure in anyway you can to clearly state to the company that we love film and we want more of it!

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