Leica have done it again – New world record for most expensive camera

 ‘For the 5th time the world record for the most expensive camera ever sold was broken at a WestLicht auction in Vienna’


 On the 12th of May the old Leica 0-Series camera was sold for €2,160,000″

With a starting price of €300,000, the Leica 0-series was a rare test camera built in 1923. It went for staggering €2,160,000 after an “exciting bidding war between the room, phone and internet bidders,” says WestLicht Photographica.

 All expectations of the 21st WestLicht camera auction were exceeded: For the 5th time the world record for the most expensive camera ever sold was broken at a WestLicht auction in Vienna. “The bidder who secured the rare exemplar would like to remain anonymous,” the auctioneer adds.

Further highlights from the auction: As well as a world record being broken, at the same auction one of only two existing M3 Leica cameras (Lot 113), that was officially gold plated by Leitz, was sold for 360,000 Euro (starting price 40,000; Estimate 70,000 – 90,000 Euro). A 250FF (Lot 34), one of the most exiting screw-mount Leica cameras ever offered for sale in the auction, climbed from a starting price of 12,000 to 120,000 EUR.

An Elcan 1/90mm + KE-7A (186) had a 228,000 Euro collector’s value. This ultra-rare and extremely fast lens was produced for the US Navy, only 10 of these were made. This is the first lens in the series and was for the first time offered in auction! In total 95 percent of the camera lots were sold, and the total turnover of the 21st camera auction was 5,351,000 EUR.

To find out more about the auction then please click – Westlicht. As well as all M cameras are listed HERE. Below is a video of the live bidding that took place on the 12th of May.

Information: Westlicht