PYLOT: An all Analogue magazine

Many jewels are to be found whilst digging for independent magazines and one of them is surely PYLOT. Launched in 2014 by Max Barnett, the bi-annual publication is currently in its second issue (named 
The Family Issue, with 208 pages of exclusive content) and it is completely dedicated to analogue photography, be it fashion or art related. And if that was not enough, they are also committed to a very important cause: with a very strict no beauty re-touching policy, PYLOT guarantees that the analogue photography stays true to itself and prevent their pages to fall into the deep Photoshop well full of transfigured and surreal models that other publications may fall into.




© Portrait of Paul Smith by Jim Eyre


The publication, however, is also done online (a bit of digital is needed, after all). PYLOT features all types of analogue photography on their website as well – and readers and photographers are welcome to easily submit their work online. Film’s Not Dead readers will promptly notice how many of our Focused series subjects (Nicholas Hayward, to name only one of them) have joined Bex Day, Tom Johnson and Rowan Southern, to name a few photographers whose work have been featured on PYLOT. And for fashion lovers, their covering of London Fashion Week is done in a very special way: using only Polaroids.

It is hard not to fall in love with PYLOT’s ideals: be it analogue photography, women’s rights activism or its dreamy aesthetics. There are many independent fashion and photography for sure, but only PYLOT does it passionately enough.






 Henry Gorse



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Images © Pylot from top to bottom: Jim Eyre, Jorge Perez Ortiz, Ricardo Cases, Joseph Horton, Henry Gorse