Save BDI Darkroom!

© Richard Nich
Brian Dowling’s Darkroom © Richard Nicholson

Anyone who has been to BDI darkroom will know it’s one of the most iconic colour darkrooms in London and has been rooted in Old Street for the last 33 years. It’s seen the likes of Anton Corbijn, Nick Knight, Norman Parkinson and many many more well known photographers walk through their door. They now need your support to help save their building from Islington Council!

Petition Statement: “BDI,  the legendary London photographic darkroom. A genuinely local business with a huge international reputation. Where a great many of the most iconic images in Fashion and advertising in the last 25 years were printed for the ultra loyal clientele of the worlds top fashion and advertising photographers. A very special place – one still with a soul – bucking the trend by thriving in the turmoil of technological change by still being the only option to go to for a new generation of demanding image makers for whom the human and personal relationship is the ‘icing on the cake’ ingredient.

This petition will be sent to the people of Islington Council along with actual signatures collected from the people who live in this area as support and in protest of the council’s planned developments.”

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