The Silver Footprint – Robin Bell

We are very happy to present to you with Richard Dunkley’s new documentary entitled ‘The Silver Footprint’, which uncovers the work and life of the well acclaimed master printer Robin Bell, known probably as the best black and white printer working today. This fascinating documentary took about 2 years to make, having had 1000 hits on the trailer in the first week of going up, showing the wide amount of interest and love there is for traditional photography as well as having been screened at the National Science Fair last Saturday. Furthermore, it will also be featured in this months issue of B&W Photography magazine as well as Amateur Photographer magazine, so make sure you look out for that. Also the film will be having another screening on the 26th of October at the Electric Palace, where Dunkley and Bell will be making an appearance. This 30 minute long documentary includes interviews with legendary photographers such as Ken Griffiths who have used Bell’s exquisite services, as well as showing the creation of an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. The DVD will be released in November retailing at £19.50, which includes 30 minutes of technical extras.

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