Wet Plates with John Brewer.

Recently John Brewer kindly invited us up to his Manchester based studio. Over the course of the weekend we were lucky enough to have our portraits taken by John and for him to teach us to make are own plates! The beauty of wet plates is that they are a ‘one off’ and cannot be replicated, this is one of the things that makes it such an exciting process to work with. We have never worked with wet plates before and after Johns exceptional tutorial, we did not know whether to thank him, or curse him for giving such an insightful introduction into something that was love at first plate.

Aside from giving workshops, and creating beautiful images from a variety of process’s, John is also the only UK supplier of collodion and silver nitrate chemicals, he also builds light tight silver nitrate boxes!

If you are interested in learning how to make wet plates or you want to work with alternative processes such as Cyanotype and Van Dyke, this is your man. To find out more about John or to get in contact with him visit his website Here

Below: a short clip showing our experience in Manchester, giving you an insight into how John runs his courses.

Below that: are some of the plates we made and a picture of the man himself.