World Record Cyanotype Print


In January artists Jaden Hastings and Melanie King where chosen to serve as artists-in-residence for The Story of Light Festival in Goa, India! Their goal was to create the largest Cyanotype in the world in which their succeed creating a huge 6 x 10 meter print!

The Cyanotype process is a 170 year old photographic printing process that produces the prints in a distinctive dark greenish blue colour. The word Cyan comes from Greek, meaning ‘dark blue substance’.

The process was invented by Sir John Herschel, a brilliant astronomer and scientist, in 1842, after which a family friend of his, a botanist named Anna Atkins used the cyanotype printing process in 1843 to create an album of algae specimens which became extremely well known!

With their luscious, dreamy blue tint, these hauntingly beautiful prints are relatively easy to make and quite inexpensive, needing little equipment.

Melanie King explained to us: “We wanted to create an astronomical theme so we used Palm leaves to create the sun and Goan Christmas stars to decorate the print.”


Information courtesy: Melanie King